Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No Life Away From God

Two brothers go to a lake to play with a little boat that they had made. The younger boy excitedly places it in the water and watches it sail. The boat slowly begins to drift away, until it is out of his reach. With great fear, he cries out for his elder brother, to save the boat. The elder boy immediately picks up some stones and begins to throw it at the boat. The younger boy starts to yell at him saying, "what are you doing, I said save my boat, not destroy it!?" The elder boy responds, "Relax. I know what I am doing?" He begins to throw the stones, past the boat, causing ripples to form, and that draws the boat closer to the shore. Finally the boat is back in its owner's arms.

A lot of us are sometimes like that little boat. Sin causes us to drift away from God. Then we find so many things going wrong in our lives and wonder why. Sometimes God throws stones 'at us', not to harm us but to cause ripples in our lives that will draw us back to Him and not further away. The more we live our lives according to what WE think is right, the more we will be discouraged, because there is NO LIFE AWAY FROM GOD. God is our source of power, strength , peace and joy .

Whatever your problem may be, don't look at it as a punishment but a challenge to better your self. God has the power to turn things around in your life and He will do it. Problems are always there, but for a reason, that is to make us better and not bitter. How we choose to respond to our problem will determine the results that we get in the end. This is our God.

He can turn a MESS into a MESSAGE




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