Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pakchur Pakchur!

After two days of long walks and snoozes, I finally got my mood back to picture-taking. I've taken several good close-up shots before, mostly of flowers, and I'm happy to say that some of them have been set as desktop backgrounds by a few friends.

This time, I experimented a bit on the panorama-assist feature of my cam. Here are the results:

Outside, 180º View

Inside, 180º View

I also took another close-up shot of a flower bouquet, given by my dear friend to my sister as a thank you gift for throwing her a superb dinner party at the hotel. Thanks sis! What a sweet thing to do. And belated happy birthday, Sal. Hey, don't forget my orange tulips!!! Sige na.... Chi, my turn next month ;-) :-p

Lily, Carnations and Daisies

FYI: I'm using Nikon Coolpix P2. Check out the specs here!


Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Humble Abode

I've been meaning to write something about my apartment for some time now. As mentioned before, I love home aesthetics. I spend most of my savings on home furnishings, books, cds or dvds, unlike a typical woman who would usually splurge on clothes, shoes and makeup (hmmm, I do spend a bit on shoes sometimes).

I have been living in this apartment for almost 3 years now. I have adapted several Thai themes into my interiors: silk covers, hand-woven lamps, incense and scented candles -- most of the things I bought from the weekend market or the night bazaar, and some hand-me-downs from my sisters. Usually, I check out the sample room setups in the mall, then find, if not the exact, the nearest match of the things I like for a much cheaper price. Smart buy, eh?

The balcony is my most favorite part. Dismissing the fact that my former neighbor just jumped over hers a year ago (bless her soul), I spend some time at night playing the guitar while watching the stretch of city lights along Sukhumvit Road, or tending my young plants.

I never really thought I'd be spending most of my time at home, being such a palaboy myself, when usually people my age are out partying. Maybe I just feel most comfortable in my own territory.

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Dream World

No work or school today in Thailand. We celebrated the Queen's birthday last Saturday, and today has been set to substitute the weekend holiday.

Anyway, this was where I spent my Sunday. There were all sorts of rides and sights: Hanging Coaster, Vikings, Snow Town, Super Splash, Monorail, Hurricane (the BEST! my jaws and vocal chords got exhausted from screaming "p*^&!!!" x times while being turned upside-down several times) and Cable Car, to name a few (these were actually the ones we took, with re-rides... FUN, FUN, FUN!!!). Plus the games, which we skipped eventually (just had cotton candy to make up for it, while cruising the lagoon on a bicycle boat). It felt good to be a child again :D

Oh, by the way, my friend took the liberty to record the Hurricane ride on video while I was on it (she declined, strongly believing she would faint, after witnessing the turns and the screams). Watch the video here!

My Flickr account has reached its maximum storage limit for August so this set of pictures won't be added until early next month. Sorry for the inconvenience :p

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