Thursday, September 28, 2006

Turning 26

There's nothing greater than spending your birthday with special people in your life. Being away from home during such occasions could cause tremendous home-sickness, but yesterday, it felt like my family was here.

Mama and Papa, thank you for the 12-midnight call. I know it was really an effort for you to stay awake late at night. And knowing that you rarely call overseas, I am deeply touched. To Ate Jenny and Francois (plus Diane and Tristan, who were already asleep), who called me at 1.30am, and to Jon and Jia, who, even miles away from each other, managed to send their greetings together, thank you. And to Inchi, who coordinated a very memorable evening, threw me an exquisite dinner party (for 3, hehe) at the Les Nympheas Restaurant (Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel) while serenading us with her music, and also granted special requests on the piano from 1 to 2am. You’re the best, thank you!

To Sally, who’s been there through thick, and thick, and thin, thank you for the gift of friendship… oh yes, plus the comfy cushion. Weeeeeeee!

And to all my friends who didn’t fail to express their greetings, thank you! I miss you all.

Looking forward to a great year ahead…. :D

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Route 66

Hanging out with old friends after a looooooong time and having to say "ghad, parang kelan lang, we were still in school... and now here we are, working, partying... living adult lives" is always a delight. It made me miss college even more (minus the exams, of course).

Two of my college friends are currently in Bangkok, both on business trip. We partied on Saturday night at a club called Route 66, a stylish dance pub with two wings, East and West (and will soon be 4, plus North and South), each playing its own set of genres -- from house, soulful, funky to hiphop and R&B. With a Bed-inspired entrance opening up to an all-white interior, the place is surrounded by massive speakers backed up by digital sound system and dozens of Plasmas hanging on walls and ceilings, playing different animations (even the toilet signs are on flat screens).

Around 12.30am, it was almost impossible to move. We had to squeeze our way between the overpouring crowd. We loaded ourselves with alcohol at the bar while waiting for the crowd to disperse a little. After a round of B-52's, we headed for the South Wing (old east/west wing) and danced the night away. I've never seen so many gorgeous men in my four-year stay in Bangkok.

The only issue with that place, big one, is the obvious discrimination for non-Thais. Although we had ID's and passports with us, they kept on saying the bar was full, yet they let the Thais come in. When the line finally dissolved, we took our chances to get in, and they let us in without question. Now, what's up with that?

Anyway, it is a fun place, if you're up for late-night gimiks. Drinks are cheap, music's great. Just bring your ID/passport ;)

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