Monday, June 30, 2008

Never Stop Reaching

It is only when a seed grows that it can produce more seeds. It is only when you express joy and abundance in your own life that you can help others to know joy and abundance in their lives.

To make yourself miserable for the sake of helping others will serve no useful purpose at all. The best way to be of service to others is from a position of strength and fulfillment rather than from a position of weakness and despair.

The goals and dreams and desires that are so undeniably your own are yours for a reason. They are showing you, and at the same time compelling you, to make the most of your life.

It is not selfish to be your very best. What's truly selfish is to let your enormous potential go unrealized.

What have you always wanted to know, always wanted to have, always wanted to do, and always wanted to be? It is never too late to honestly answer that question, and to answer it with all the colorful detail and passion that it deserves.

For in the answer to that question is your own truly beautiful and unique gift to life. Never stop reaching for the best you can imagine; for when you fulfill your highest possibilities, you raise the whole world up with you.

-- Ralph Marston


Friday, June 27, 2008

Daily Digest #87

I pleaded with the Lord three times that it might depart from me. —2 Corinthians 12:8

Sometimes, we get confused between depending on other people and on Him alone. I, personally, am having a hard time asking for help. I do try, but when my requests get ignored or rejected, I feel hurt and get really upset. I realize that when we are surrounded by friends and fellow believers, sometimes we unconsciously build these expectations, that these people would help and support us in a way that we think or believe is best. Different people have different personal concerns that we end up blaming each other for what we think are "shortcomings". When we seek sympathy and understanding from other people, we get frustrated when our needs are not met. But here's the good news. God is here! He may send angels in disguise to help us see and hear clearly, but the message is still the same. He's everybody's friend, and He loves each of us! He's been waiting for us to talk to Him and lift up our concerns. He's always ready to listen and give the help and support that we need, right within our hearts. From this dependence and trust, He will heal, purify and strengthen our hearts so that in His time, we will be made like His son, Jesus Christ.

For this, let us pray. May we keep building a closer relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. May we believe that in His way and time, we will be like Jesus -- loving God above all else, and loving others as we love ourselves. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #86

Which of you convicts Me of sin? And if I tell the truth, why do you not believe Me? He who is of God hears God's words. —John 8:46-47

May we never fail to thank God for sending His son, Jesus Christ, to save us and bring us back to life. May we keep a closer relationship with God. May we glorify His name in everything that we do. May we thank Him for all the blessings He has showered upon us each day -- our material possessions, our jobs, our families and friends, our lives. May we pray for each other always. God bless!

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Daily Digest #85

Through Him we both have access by one Spirit to the Father. —Ephesians 2:18

What is the difference between faith and religion? This is the question that oftentimes creates confusion. From the Webster dictionary, faith is defined as "firm belief and complete trust", while religion is "a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith". Though we use both words in godly terms, it is sad that some of us are driven by religious practices alone rather than what they actually stand for. We judge each other by our practices or non-practices, that we forget that God judges only by one's heart. Some may say their ways are "right" and the others' are "wrong", when both parties believe in one God. Who created these standards in the first place? Yes, humans. Many religious groups are scattered because they lose a common, and sole, objective, which is for God.

Each of us builds a personal relationship with God. We have our own intimate ways, which God alone knows. Sometimes, when we set ourselves out in communities and the whole society, we become aware of others' ways, and sometimes they need not be OUR ways. This is not to say that religious practices are worthless. No, certainly not, for they have been here for ages, tested by faith and time. They only become worthless if we make them worthless. It is in each of us if we would do these practices with all our hearts, or just for the sake of following them. And if something leads ourselves farther from God, then it is only right that we do something about it. We can ALWAYS call out to Him, and He will surely answer, His way and in His time.

For this, may we learn to love, respect and be kind to each other. May we focus on God alone. May we bring each other closer to God, and not farther away. May we keep a close relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #84

Be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. —Matthew 24:44

We always fear what lies ahead. But no matter how much we worry and plan things ahead, there is no assurance that we will even be there. We can only trust that God will be there. Not that we are discouraged to have goals in life, but we are constantly reminded that we ought to keep depending on Him. We may know or do many things, but it is through his grace and power that we have all these. This also serves as a reminder that everything in this life is temporary, and that we should rather be investing on the eternal.

I learned several important things from today's passage: to make the most of our life TODAY. To spread the love. To show kindness to every person we meet. To be a reflection of God's glory, and to see Him in others, too.

For this, let us pray. May we keep looking up to God. May we not ignore or be stubborn to His teachings. May we never fail to count our blessings, give praise and worship to God and truly repent for our sins. May we remember that God loves each of us, and is with us... everywhere and every time. May our lives be a reflection of God's love. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #83

Your children [shall be] like olive plants all around your table. —Psalm 128:3

We are surrounded by people, both young and old. Every generation we encounter, we try to deal with understanding, acceptance and patience. And vice versa. Though sometimes we find it less acceptable when the older ones are the ones speaking and acting like teenagers hehe. Some even talk maturely and wisely, but are never really backed up by their actions. There are always reasons why people act this way. We may be loaded with assumptions, but we will never really know unless they open up to us completely. Sometimes, these people need our prayers, support, or just mere presence, the most. We, ourselves, have the same needs. We may have various backgrounds, but we basically share the same needs. We could be wiser and play the role of a "parent". We could also be eager to learn and experience, and be the "child". Either way, we all play both parts from time to time.

That is why it is always good to be kind to each other, to love each other as we love ourselves. For this, let us pray. May we ask God to teach us to love as He had loved. May He bless us with understanding and patience for one another. May He cleanse our hearts and help us overcome our fears. May we keep a close relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

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It is not enough to say YES just once. It has to be repeated over and over again. We have to set out on a way and we have to carry on step by step. Our YES is a growing reality; the farther we go, the deeper and richer its content. The resistance, of course, is always there. How often our encounter with God, before we set out on a YES, is fist a long dark resistance.

The YES has to be repeated very often so that it includes everything in the past, in the present, and in the future. As long as there is something in my past which I reject, there is still a screen in me that prevents me from being transparent. That which I repress or resent splits my inner spirit, my inner self, and may become a heavy chain which I drag along. It may take time to really accept the suffering or the failure that came to me, maybe long ago, but it is vital that I accept it. The YES can create a meaning where before there was none. The YES, repeated, will become more mature, more profound, more silent, and eventually it will extract light from the dark radiance.

To say YES is to accept the present. It means to acknowledge gratefully the talents and possibilities I have without thinking all of them have to be realized. It means to accept my limitations in health, education, character, and etc. while at the same time trying to overcome them. It means to transform gently the weaknesses into strengths, the innate temptations into grace, the given potential into ripe harvest. It means to say YES to the lives of others, and to give them the room and the sympathy they need. It means to accept the situation I am in, and myself in that situation.

The YES to the future is a profound act of faith, since we do not know fully what we are saying YES to. It is only our confidence in the person of Christ that enables us to say YES. Our faith in Christ constitutes the basis of our commitment. Our efforts to live our option for the poor and our accepted poverty of means, our preferential love for Jesus Christ’s, and our total availability, are explicitly acts of faith.

Posted by Evelyn

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Paulo Coelho has done it again! Please find below the latest article from Warrior of Light Online. May it enlighten each of us. Cheers, Paulo! God bless you.


“In any activity, we have to know what to expect, the means to reach our objective, and the capacity we possess for the proposed task.”

“The only one who can say that he has renounced the fruits is he who, being thus equipped, feels no desire for the results of the conquest, and remains absorbed in combat.”

“You can renounce the fruit, but this renunciation does not mean indifference towards the result.”

This strategy belongs to Mahatma Gandhi. The Warrior of Light listens with respect and does not allow himself to be confused by people who are incapable of reaching any result and always preach renunciation.

Renouncing vengeance

The Warrior of Light holds the sword in his hands. He is the one who decides what he is going to do, and what he will not do in any circumstances. There are moments when life leads him to a crisis: he is forced to divorce himself from things he has always loved.

Then the Warrior reflects. He assesses whether he is fulfilling God’s will or if he is acting through egoism. If separation is really the path he must follow, he accepts it without complaining.

However, if this separation is provoked by the perversity of others, then he implacable in his answer.

The Warrior possesses the art of the blow and the art of pardon. He knows how to use both with equal skill.

Renouncing provocation

The experienced fighter endures insults; he knows the strength of his fist and the efficacy of his blows. In front of the ill-prepared opponent, he merely contemplates and shows his strength through his look. He wins without needing to take the fight to the physical level.

As the Warrior of Light learns from his spiritual master, the light of faith also shines in his eyes and he does not need to prove anything to anyone. The aggressive arguments presented by the opponent - saying that God is superstition, that miracles are tricks, that believing in angels is fleeing from reality – are of no importance.

Like the fighter, the Warrior of Light is aware of his immense strength, and will never fight with anyone who does not deserve the honor of combat.

Renouncing time

The Warrior of Light listens to Lao Tzu when he says that we must detach ourselves from the idea of days and hours and pay more and more attention to the minutes.

Only in this way will he manage to resolve certain problems before they happen. By paying attention to the small things, he manages to protect himself from the great calamities.

But to think about the small things does not mean to think small. The Warrior knows that a great dream is made of many different things, just as the light of the sun is the sum of its millions of beams.

Renouncing comfort

The Warrior of Light contemplates the two columns beside the door he plans to open. One is called Fear, the other Desire.

The Warrior looks at the column of Fear, where he reads: “you are about to enter an unknown and dangerous world where all that you have learned up to now will be of no use whatsoever.”

The Warrior of Light looks at the column of Desire, where he reads: “you are about to leave a known world where all the things you always wanted and all that you have fought so hard for are kept.”

The Warrior smiles, because nothing can frighten him and nothing can hold him. With the confidence of those who know what they want, he opens the door.

Adapted from Issue nº174 : The Warrior of Light and Renunciation


Friday, June 20, 2008

Daily Digest #82

What does the Lord your God require of you, but . . . to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. —Deuteronomy 10:12

I was able to reflect more on responsibility/accountability -- how I make use of the blessings God has bestowed upon me. Am I generous enough (materially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually)? Am I utilizing my skills and talents for my own glory, or His? Do I say or do things from the heart? Am I saying, thinking or doing things simply because they are right, or good, or because they make me happy?... It also made me think about humility -- how I am reminded every day to give thanks to each blessing that I receive, and how much God loves me in spite of my sins and flaws that nothing else is left for me to do but to repent and obey.... Honestly, it's been hard to be an obedient servant... Many times, this has led me to doubt myself if everything I've done had been a sacrifice instead of acting out of passion. I learned how important it really is to keep a close communication with God. Because many times we will be tested, until we learn to cry out to God and completely depend on Him, then praise and worship Him.

For this let us pray. May we never fail to give thanks, praise and worship to God who provides us all these blessings. May we humble ourselves before Him. May we not miss the lessons behind every success, failure, blessing or misfortune. May we keep a closer relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #81

Having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness. —Romans 6:18

I am a sinner. I still get stirred into sin by little distractions and temptations surrounding me sometimes. I found out how spiritually weak I really am. At times when I get into a situation dealing with a negative person, sometimes I'm the one being pulled down rather than I pulling that person up. Other times, I just allow myself to be carried away. I now realize that it really is a matter of commitment. How obedient are we, really? I assessed myself and realized that the times I actually called out to Him were the moments I eventually chose to take the path of righteousness. Here, I also realize how God guides and helps us overcome temptation and sin whenever we ask Him. It is all a choice -- to listen and to obey. I guess most of us are looking at how difficult it is to do, because by default, we still believe that we are attached to sin. But it is always up to us if we choose to be a slave to sin, or a slave of righteousness.

Here's a beautiful poem written by Maya Angelou, about being a Christian. May we be enlightened by her words.

By Maya Angelou

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not shouting "I'm clean livin."
I'm whispering "I was lost,"
Now I'm found and forgiven.

When I say..."I am a Christian"
I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble
and need CHRIST to be my guide.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak
and need HIS strength to carry on.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed
and need God to clean my mess.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible
but, God believes I am worth it.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I still feel the sting of pain,
I have my share of heartaches
So I call upon His name.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner
who received God's good grace, somehow.

May we ask for forgiveness for every sin we have committed and believe that God has really forgiven us. May we also learn to forgive ourselves. God always gives us a clean slate to start with. May we call out to Him when challenged to be tempted into sinning. We are not perfect, but God will make us perfect in His way and time. May we keep a close relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #80

No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends. —John 15:15

We might ask ourselves, what is a true friend? I have many acquaintances, but fewer friends. For me, they are the ones who are able to share commitment, communication and commonality with me. They are the ones who choose to listen, rather than talk, when necessary. They are those who never give up on me. They are the ones who remind me of God's grace, mercy and power. I consider them angels in disguise. There may be times when I need to be alone, and my friends understand because they are not insecure or possessive. They never despise me for my faults and shortcomings, but rather talk to me openly and lovingly about them. They are not so quick to judge. And most of all, they are the ones who never forget me in their prayers.

I got this from an article I was reading earlier. I bet we all share the same sentiments about friendship....

A true friend is . . .

"What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies." — Aristotle

You can have a lot of acquaintances, but only a few people will become your best friends. These are kindred spirits, much like David and Jonathan mentioned in the main article, whose souls were "knit together." Friendships like this will endure, even though the intensity of the friendship will ebb and flow over time.

One of the dangers in this kind of friendship is co-dependency. The sheer delight of having such a friend can also create weighty expectations in the relationship. A good question for friends to ask regularly is, "Are we truly seeking the other person's highest good?"

"A true friend stabs you in the front." — Oscar Wilde

Leave it to Oscar Wilde to lay out an important truth with such wry humor. A true friend is one who helps you see the truth, even if it hurts. This doesn't mean we can go around stabbing our friends with hurtful words. Rather, it means being up front with friends about important issues, raising gentle questions with tact and love, never gossiping or putting them down to others behind their backs.

"I do not wish to treat friendships daintily, but with the roughest courage. When they are real, they are not glass threads or frost-work, but the solidest thing we know." — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Real friendships don't just happen, and they aren't maintenance free. Ask yourself and your friend questions like these:

* "How would you describe our friendship?"
* "What is God doing in each of us, separately and together?"
* "How can we help each other become all God wants us to be?"

Seeking another person's highest good: that's being a true friend. -- End

For this, may we pray for our friends. May God be the center of our friendships. As we enter different relationships, may we never fail to build a closer one with God's son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #79

Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. —2 Corinthians 11:14

Most of us are turned off by the way ministers or priests preach. Some of them may seem self-righteous, saying how evil we all are and that we can never find salvation. I have attended masses like these, and all I can say is that priests are only human. It is the gospel and the Bible readings that matter -- Words we should be reflecting on. The sermons that they give are only to help us understand what the Bible is trying to teach. There are excellent priests who are gifted in their words and social skills, but they too are human. It is always up to them if they would allow themselves to be used for God's glory. And it is up to us if we will allow ourselves to be cynical about God's Word. I think that's when the devil is really at work. It seeps, not only in the preacher, but in ourselves! We begin judging, saying things should be done this and that way, yet we never really have the courage to confront the matter ourselves. We are so quick to point and complain that our own spirits begin to wilt.

That is why it is very important that we learn of God's Words first hand. May we be encouraged to read the Bible. May we also pray for our church leaders/preachers so they may do their work for the glory of God alone. May we never forget that grace and mercy has been given freely for our salvation, and not counted through our good works -- it is our duty to do goodness. May we develop a close relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #78

Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up. —James 4:10

I like the part when the author of this reflection pointed out vows, promises, commitments and responsibilities. I think these things help greatly in developing humility. One of the books I read stated that the commitments we make define who we are. What are we trying to achieve? Are we trying to prove something to others, or to ourselves? Do we finish what we started, or give up as soon as things become less comfortable? What are our priorities in life? Do they keep us closer to or away from God?

For this, may we assess ourselves and our choices. May we ask God for guidance, that we may not be led astray. May we not be blinded by our material wealth, fame, success or physical beauty. May we never fail to count our blessings, and use them for goodness. May we humble ourselves before God and give glory to His name. May our lives be a reflection of God's love. May we pray for each other always.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Help Me Find René!!!

Hello readers and friends! I just created a new blog site to help me look for René. Click here: Help Me Find René!!!

Wish me luck!!! :D



René and Joanne met on a bus from Koh Phangan to Bangkok on the 15th of April, 2008. Though both enjoying the perks of singlehood, the magic was right and the end of island-hopping/backpacking turned into something wonderful. They conversed for almost 6 straight hours -- on and off the bus. They talked about many, many things -- interests, travels, family, faith, friends, culture, future plans -- except their contact details. René was very much enthusiastic but Joanne wasn't sure if their encounter was a mere acquaintance, or meant to be a lifelong connection. Upon arriving at the unexpected bus stop, lost in trance, they headed towards opposite directions. Unknowingly, they decided to test fate by going separate ways and seeing if destiny could bring them back together...

Joanne, having known a few places René was planning to go to with his remaining 5 days in Bangkok, took the chance to look for him, hoping and praying that they could bump into each other once again -- from the crowded aisles of MBK to the vastness of Chatuchak Weekend Market. As a final resort, the thought of going to the airport tempted her, since she knew what day he was heading back to Germany. But going there, unaware of the time and airline, eventually discouraged her. From that day on, Joanne thought of other ways to reach him, and finally decided to take the journey through the internet. And so, this blog came into existence.

An announcement was posted in Mojo Spills 2 days after their encounter, with some of the details Joanne learned about René. She hopes that this could lead her to him in some way. So, dear friends, please...


Friday, June 13, 2008

Say Goodbye

I saw you today
My familiar stranger
Everything's changed
You have come so far
You're different now
Would you go back?
Would you want to anyhow?

Face to face
The present and past collide
And it's no mistake
I see the future is in your eyes
You seem so free
Like nothing's ever gonna keep you down

You're different now
You're different somehow

Say goodbye, say goodbye
To the you I knew before
Say hello, say hello to a new beginning
This is your genesis!

Words and music by Joy Williams


Daily Digest #77

I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if I perish, I perish. —Esther 4:16

God's timing is always perfect. There may be things that we still cannot understand or do not have the courage to face, yet something inside is urging us to take action. The Holy Spirit is so powerful that when heard leads to blessing; and when ignored, a curse. God has set a role for each of us to play for His grand plan. Sometimes, when we think so much of ourselves, we are overcome by fear, and this usually drives us back to our comfort zones. Sometimes, great results happen from the smallest of things. And the choices we make become part of something bigger than our imagination. And we will only see it if we choose to see in God's eyes, and not our own.

For this, may we learn to truly trust God. May we not be afraid to ask Him our troubling questions, and open up to Him completely. When we pray, may we listen to His answers -- He always has. May we keep a close relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #76

Known to God from eternity are all His works. —Acts 15:18

We are used to dealing with our own problems. Sometimes we consult "experts" on the matter. Other times, we endure until they come to pass. And other times, we ignore them completely. We may have not realized it yet, but those are the times when God is at work in our lives. With God's help and guidance, we are enlightened, and we learn what to do next. Sometimes, we forget this when dealing with others' problems. We try to search for the answer/solution on our own that we become stressed out. We forget that there are things that are way out of our hands. It may be hard to accept, especially when the problem involves someone we care about. Sometimes all they need is a lending ear; and an understanding and prayerful heart. God knows our every intention, that is why His words and Spirit clearly tell us what to do next. He sets a role for us to play in every situation. It is part of His plan that we are in it. The question is, what will we do? Do we take matters in our own hands? Do we act according to His will, or ours?

Sometimes we think we know everything, but only God knows everything. That is why it is wise to trust His ways. For this, may we humble ourselves before God. May we learn to open up to Him completely, and listen to what He has to say. May we pray for each other, especially those in need. May we build a closer relationship with Him through His son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

Related reading:
ISIAH 58:8-9
8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. 9 "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." -- Thanks, Icel!

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Daily Digest #75

What does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God? —Micah 6:8

I guess patience plays a major role in dealing with futility. There are times when we feel useless, even though we do our tasks day after day. We try to find out what we can reap while we thrive on sowing.

I felt this during the first few months of sharing my reflections. As I added people in my daily emails, I looked forward to their reaction, openness or simple acknowledgment. Personal praise was never part of my agenda. Only hope that the words coming through me would touch hearts and get others to praise, worship and thank the Lord. As the week passed, there came a point when I asked God if I should continue sharing or not. He made me realize many things in my writing... how personal opinions should not be revealed if it would not aid spiritual growth in others, and gear them towards the truth based on the Scriptures instead. How responsible one should be in his/her words and actions. How very much open to judgment one could be upon performing such task, since one might seem self-righteous to others. Some of the people surrounding us may play the role of a skeptic, a critic, watching every action, as if finding proof that we are not so credible after all. But I was also reminded that we are all entitled to give our own opinions. I realize how He gives courage and strength to those who serve for His purpose. How God humbles us more, and overwhelms us with glorious, and usually unexpected, turn of events. A day after I asked God if I should carry on or not, someone suddenly replied to me, one who I find very unlikely to respond. That's when I knew I got my answer. :-D

Sometimes, when we do not see the big picture of the small tasks that we do, we are discouraged to carry on. But God has His ways of making us see and know that He is always up to something far greater than we imagined. From that moment on, I was able to cast out my fear of judgment. And I was able to practice not to expect. Because expectation creates frustration. And it defeats the purpose of goodwill and service. We can only praise and thank Him more when we learn that others' hearts were touched and have begun to walk their life with Jesus Christ. One thing I learned from teaching in school is when one student out of many others is willing to listen and learn, you have to teach. I guess it's the same with spreading God's word. One soul is always worth it.

For this, may we never be discouraged in times of futility. May we not resort to idleness. May we make the most of the time given to us for His purpose. May we keep a close relationship with His son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #74

Now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. —1 Corinthians 13:13

How do we define love? Some may say it is a sacrifice. Some may say love is blind. Some say love is giving without expecting. Some say love is a mystery. Some say God is love. I say love is a verb. The meaning of love varies for different people.

I guess how we define love defines our ability to love.... The Bible defines the ultimate form of love in 1 Corinthians 13. I find it completely selfless, with never-failing hope and faith. It is a kind of love where God is put first in line, never looking on what one still does not have, and instead, making good use of the time given to him/her by doing his/her utmost to fulfill what is to be done. I guess when we love God this way, we are given the strength and courage to love others. It is through His love that we stop thinking of what we can gain, but what we can give. It is through His love that we are able to fight a good fight, to forgive those who ask for our forgiveness, to hope in the verge of hopelessness, to keep the faith despite of doubt, and to see others' beauty over their flaws. We may give up on others or ourselves, but we are assured that He will never give up on us, and that is how much God truly loves us.

For this, let us pray. May we learn to truly love God. May we be given wisdom to learn what He is trying to teach us. May we never lose hope, even when others have given up on us, provoking and criticizing instead of helping us overcome our fears and weaknesses. May we never judge others' faith, and instead, learn to point out their character flaws in a loving way. May we also remember that each of us is in some kind of battle that we may not be aware of. So may we exercise patience and kindness at all times. May we be given the courage and strength to face evil and to fight temptation to sin. May we find comfort in God at all times. May we trust His ways. May we continue building a closer relationship with His son, Jesus Christ. May we continue to pray for each other, and hope for love and peace at all times. God bless!

Lord, teach us to love. You touched the untouchable, ate with the sinner, forgave those who put You to death. Lord, teach us to love - unconditionally, purely, wholeheartedly. Forgive us, Lord, for we know not how to love You as You have loved. Teach us to reach out from our comfortable little world into the lives of others. We need You to love through us, because it is Your love that makes a difference. Grant us the grace to live in love today. -- Prayer by Barbie Dumlao from Simple Prayers for Busy People

Consider this:
"If LOVE is the soul of Christian existence, it must be at the heart of every other Christian virtue. Thus, for example, justice without love is legalism; Faith without Love is Ideology; Hope without Love is Self-centeredness; Forgiveness without Love is Self-abasement; Fortitude without Love is Recklessness; Generosity without Love is Extravagance; Care without Love is mere Duty; Fidelity without love is Servitude. Every virtue is an expression of LOVE. No virtue is really a virtue unless it is permeated, or informed, by LOVE." -- Fr. Richard P. McBrien

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Daily Digest #73

He made us accepted in the Beloved. —Ephesians 1:6

There comes a time when we think so lowly of ourselves. And sometimes too highly. We ask God for specific worldly things again and again because we think they will make us happy and complete. We seldom feel contented with what we have, or who we are. Yet we have everything we will ever need! And God made us exactly who we are for His purpose! Whatever excess we have, usually the ones we wish for, is a bonus from God. We forget to count our blessings because we look for things we do not have. We tend to compare what others have, and say how fortunate or unfortunate we are, or they are. We search for love in the wrong places, yet He's been sending out His love in many, many forms that we can embrace -- through our loving family, our loyal friends, our good neighbors, and our sisters and brothers in Christ....

Which is why it is important to have a close relationship with His son, Jesus Christ. Because when we grow in His love, no doubt that we will send out that same love to others, then to ourselves. He will show us the beauty in others instead of their flaws, as well as our own. He will enable us to look deep in our hearts and know our real selves, and eventually, learn what we're here for.

For this, let us pray. May we build a closer relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. May we remember that God loves us for exactly who we are. That our sins are forgiven when we truly repent. That His blessings are always more than our sufferings. That His grace is always greater than our sins. Pray always.

Consider this:
Be careful of your thoughts, they become your words. Be careful of your words, they become your actions. Be careful of your actions, they become your habits. Be careful of your habits, they become your character. Be careful of your character, they become you!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

10 Random Things

Was tagged by Eizelle.

1. Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 10 people to get tagged and list their breads.
4. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here’s my 10: I...

1. Had a pet bird named Choco Mousse, named after my fave dessert then. It died after my brother accidentally sat on it while watching NBA on tv.

2. Am super scared and diri of rats. Mala-pusa-ang-laki sewer rats. Ewww.

3. Had a big crush on Devon Sawa after seeing Casper. As in di-makatulog-tulala-sa-isang-tabi kilig. Adik.

4. Ate a whole bunch of bananas when I was 4, after asking mama if I could have some. I guess I assumed she meant the whole lot hahaha.

5. Loooooooove chocolates. Dark chocolates.

6. Hate okra. Except in pinakbet.

7. Had my first real boyfriend at the age of 26. And a virtual boyfriend at 23.

8. Learned to play the guitar from papa at age 9. First piece? Aubrey by Bread. Senti!

9. Always had "...However, she's very noisy/talkative" comment in my report card, from kindergarten to high school.

10. Was called "Bubbles" in one of my major subjects in college. Followed by other nicknames like "Kalibo", "Mo-an", "MSB", "Mojojho" and of course, "V1".

I’m tagging YOU! :D

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Friday, June 06, 2008

Daily Digest #72

Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. —1 John 4:11

How blessed are we to have family and real friends who always support, love and accept us no matter what choices we make! Together, we share our laughter and tears. They comfort us in times of grief, and oftentimes, God uses them to deliver His message to us. I believe they are angels in disguise. They may become overly concerned about us, or even provoke us, but that's what they're here for. Their remarks and suggestions may not make sense at certain times, but we can guarantee ourselves that we are loved and cared for. God uses His instruments to embrace, talk to and listen to us. They are our allies through thick and thin. And we tend to do the same for them. We learn lessons from each other. Indeed, we are linked together in God's love.

For this, may we pray that God blesses our family and friends, that they may be kept safe at all times. May they be drawn closer to Him in every choice they make. May God be the center of our relationships. May our lives be a testimony of God's love. May we always pray for one another. God bless!

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Daily Digest #71

Why are you cast down, O my soul? . . . Hope in God; for I shall yet praise Him. —Psalm 42:5

It may be hard to believe, but God is very much closer to us when we fail, when we cry, when we feel hopeless -- every sorrowful thing imaginable. I used to worry so much about different things. I tried to control those I have no control of. I was so afraid to make mistakes. During those times, I knew God was reminding me to assess myself, to learn to let go and trust His ways. But I was stubborn and still did what I thought was right for me. End result? More worries, sleepless nights and excessive grumpiness! I now realize that the fear of making mistakes represses me from expressing what I really feel deep inside. I forget that God has His ways of making things work out for the best. I guess God allowed me to wallow on these emotions so that I may realize that they are all part of what He wants me to become.

Still sometimes we find ourselves committing the same mistakes, but God will surely do whatever it takes to teach us His lesson. Some may believe they are being punished by God, but they do not realize that they themselves have allowed their choices to punish them. As we all know, freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. We make mistakes to learn from them and be closer to God, not to indulge on them or justify irresponsible actions by saying we are free to do whatever we want.

For this, may God give us courage to face our fear of making mistakes. May we learn from them, and grow in spirit. May we learn to call upon Him, and build a closer relationship with His son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #70

This is love, that we walk according to His commandments. —2 John 1:6

We are all rebels by nature. The thought of risk and adventure excites us. We think it would give us our much-sought pleasure and happiness that we forget or ignore what is right from wrong. But the Scriptures clearly tells us the difference. God's words have been written to guide our every thought, word and action. Still we were given the choice to obey or not. Some might wonder why God gave us the power of choice if He intended for us to follow Him in the first place. I guess that's how our life is measured. What do we do with the power that was given to us? What will it take for us to return to Him? How long should our journey be before we clearly see what He intends for us to be?

It is easy to claim that we love God. We might even subject ourselves to religious rules and practices just for the sake of following them, thinking that it is enough to show love for God. But it is all worthless if it doesn't come from the heart. And a heart that's pure is empowered by the Holy Spirit. Only then can we truly obey His words. For this, may we pray for forgiveness... for being rebels, for trying to run our lives our way. May we lift up our hopes, dreams, joys and griefs to Him, and believe that He will give us more than what we ask for. May He cleanse our hearts. May we learn to obey. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #69

I saw under the sun: In the place of judgment, wickedness was there; and in the place of righteousness, iniquity was there. —Ecclesiastes 3:16

Life can be so unfair sometimes. We are caught between situations that leave us hopeless... We ask, why did this happen to us? How could God allow something so terrible to happen? We wonder if we are being punished, and we doubt ourselves. We blame others for our misfortune, and strike at every single person who go against us. We are overwhelmed by the feeling of anger, grief and frustration... I recently had this experience. I fell in love, fought for what I believed and hoped for, and got heartbroken in the end. Yet after everything that had happened, I realized that God has better plans for me, and for him. God taught me how to love completely, to give more than I can take, to forgive, to never lose hope, and to have faith. God showed me how love truly heals faster than time. I also learned that when we get ourselves into a battlefield, the strongest armor we have is prayer...

The Book of Ecclesiastes reminds us that no matter how terrible things get, they shall come to pass. That there is a reason for everything in this world. That God is watching over us. That God is using each of us for His purpose. All we need to do is pour all our emotions to Him when we cannot bear them anymore, and He will handle the rest. It may take time to understand what He wants us to do and learn, but we are assured that that time will come, and that everything works out for the best.

May we cling to God always. May we call out to Him in our joys and pains. We may still fear trusting God with everything in our lives, but may we continuously pray that He helps us overcome our unbelief. May we never ever give up. May His will be done at all times. Pray always.

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Daily Digest #68

He said to them, "Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?" Then He arose and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great calm. —Matthew 8:26

Sometimes we wonder if we could ever keep holding on at times of great fear and risk. But when we analyze the situation and ourselves, it is basically fear that disables us to keep going, or even take the first step. We tend to escape or ignore the situation because we sometimes limit our own capabilities and strengths. We think we are always in control, and we do not want to hold ourselves responsible of any mistake or pain. But sometimes, mistakes and pain happen. They naturally come, even when it is not of our own doing. It is in what we do with it that matters. Do we continue putting faith in ourselves alone? Or do we share the load with Jesus Christ, our Savior? Should we keep ignoring God's call and fail to trust His ways? Must we continue running our lives our own way?

Things always have ways of getting done and fixed even without our aid. This only shows that Someone far greater and powerful is in control. May we learn to trust God's ways. May we keep a close relationship to His Son, Jesus Christ. May we not forget that God will never give us anything we cannot bear. And may we remember that with God, nothing is impossible. Pray always.

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