Thursday, May 01, 2008

Daily Digest #52

I sought the Lord, and He heard me. —Psalm 34:4

I find the passage above very enlightening... It reminds us of how patient and faithful God is. He waits for us to call on Him everyday... to ask for His help and guidance... to simply talk to Him, as if talking to our best friend or loved one. The people who care for us were sent by God in our lives to show and teach us about love, patience, understanding, selflessness, humility, kindness, hope, faith and much more. We are to value these relationships because it is in them that we learn and grow the EASIEST. Most of us wait for tragedy to happen before realizing the lesson that is being taught, and God never intends for that to happen. Our circumstances are products of the decisions we make day by day, no matter how big or small. But when we learn to walk in Jesus' steps, we would be guided in everything that we do, and we will depend on God more because we believe He knows everything, and that He only wants the best for us.

For this, may we always pray. May we learn to talk to God, as if He's actually right there, sitting right next to us. He is always ready to comfort us and give us strength at times when we need it the most. May we also learn to express our love for the dearest people in our lives (giving them a kiss, a hug, saying "i love you" and other endearing words while there's still time). May we learn to value our relationships and share the lessons we've learned to others. At the same time, may we never fail to thank and praise Him for these blessings. May we trust God at all times.

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