Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daily Digest #177

I have found the Book of the Law in the house of the Lord. —2 Kings 22:8

When I was a child, I used to play treasure hunts and other "Indiana Jones" type of games. New discoveries delighted me that I created my own make-believe world in our front yard. As I grew older, I found interest in documentaries about quests for long-lost things. It was more of just gathering knowledge, like some sort of entertainment in recovering a missing part of history. But it's just recently that I learned to appreciate the lessons behind the stories -- how I can relate to them in some way, and use them should I get caught in a similar situation.

I used to treat the Bible like a history book, a collection of stories about people from centuries ago. But if we try to analyze the situations and lessons that come along with each story, we will realize how similar they are with our present day lives. We can identify ourselves with a Bible character one circumstance at a time -- we can be Moses, or Sarah, or Job, or Ruth, or Daniel, or David, or Elijah, or one of Jesus' disciples -- in weakness, or in strength. The Bible speaks about the truth, not only of the past, but of the present. It is the book of our individual lives.

May we always find time to read or listen to the Word of God every day. We may not feel the impact of the Words in the beginning, but with His help and guidance, we will eventually get wisdom -- most probably when we least expect it. May we learn live according to His will. Pray always.

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