Thursday, July 19, 2007


Last night, i was reading about surrender... that to attain complete freedom and peace of mind, we have to surrender EVERYTHING to Him, and that surrender IS an act of worship. Then it occurred to me how little I have actually given up for Him. I thought the process of lifting everything up to God was a one done deal. Then I just realized that we actually have to practice it everyday... until it becomes a habit. We are not perfect, and we are not meant to do goodness out of fear or obligation. We do it out of love... And we cannot truly love anyone else, or even ourselves, unless we love Him first. It seems simple as soon as we realize it, and we need to remind ourselves everyday that it's the ONLY way to keep going. Of course, there comes trust, but you can never really trust if you don't love first. And in order to love Him, we have to know Him more.

There was a time when I couldn't stop thinking about a problem that's been troubling me for weeks. I longed for dreamless sleeps, but was always haunted by exhausting dreams like running, falling or crying. But you know, the choice is always ours. Once we learn to lift our worries up to Him, we are bound to choose to make it all stop. The situation is beyond our control, all we can do is let go, and trust God. Again, it is so easy to say, but there really is truth to it. Once we grasp the real essence of surrender, what doesn't make much sense now will have the greatest sense later on.

No matter how far we go in this world, we ought to go back to square one to understand what 'living' really means. Eventually, we will be made perfect, in His will and time. Let us start knowing, trusting and loving our Lord Jesus Christ NOW. May God be praised forever.

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