Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Very Unconventional Lunch Break

Recently, I've been busying myself with things that I rarely do. As I browsed through my schedule earlier today, I realized that I actually had a 3-hour lunch break (i loooove my job).... so I decided to go home. Here are the unconventional things that I did:

1. Made salad for lunch. Eek. I rarely have salad for lunch. Salad, as in all the greens, tomatoes and fish chunks in brine. Lunch for me usually consists of meat, some veggies, and rice/pasta/noodles. Amazingly afterwards, I was full. Am I starting to unleash the vegetarian in me? Eh? Good luck.

2. Watched a fantasy movie on DVD. It was actually "Mirrormask", which I've seen for the hundredth time. I consider it unlikely because I usually see this type of movies late at night... maybe to get the suitable ambience and sulk myself into whatever effect it might bring. But I did enjoy it.

3. Showered at noontime. Not that I stunk or drenched myself in sweat, considering the weather now, which is breezy and not humid at all. It felt nice after... until I walked in the livingroom, half-naked, not realizing my drapes were open, and everything was in full view. Bravo.

4. Had cappucino, cafe mocha and cafe americano in 1 huge mug. Ok, I had 3 different packs of coffee (1 was only strong coffee, without the cream and sugar), but I couldn't decide which one to make. So I put all 3. My own version of 3-in-1 coffee. Nice going, Einstein.

Makes me wonder... do I have a problem? Hmmm... maybe. Or it may be just one of those things that happen when the subconscious works its way out... like before learning (or recalling just now... a friend already informed me about it a week ago) that Vertical Horizon is having a concert in Manila tomorrow and I wouldn't be there because apparently, I'd be stuck here, making salad, watching fantasy films, taking untimely showers and sipping experimental coffee.... Exagge. So unfair.

Anyway, I now realize I've just turned a very ordinary lunch break into something rather enjoyable, at least for me. Change can be really good. Special thanks to my ever supportive and understanding boss, who has never yelled or cursed at me for being such a delinquent employee from time to time.... Ok, back to work.