Friday, May 02, 2008

Daily Digest #53

Blessed be the Lord, who has pleaded the cause of my reproach. —1 Samuel 25:39

Good intension can sometimes be taken the wrong way. We are caught off guard by the unexpected response. We start to think that we are judged before giving any consideration to the words we say or things we do, or others become defensive because they feel they're being judged. But we can never really control how others react or feel about the things we say or do. It also happens to us when our minds are already made up about something, or when we're confused. And no matter what advice the other person gives, we ignore it. All of us can seem assuming sometimes, even when it's for a noble cause. We worry that the people we're concerned about might end up making the same mistakes. It's always a choice they have to make on their own. I think as long as we have expressed our concerns with all our hearts and with prayer, that should be enough. The rest is up to God.

Without prayer, we are left unsatisfied with the task and we tend to insist on what we think is right. But pushing it would seem self-righteous, treating fellow adults like children. Some might debate "but they really act like children!" For the longest time, this has been hard for me to take as well, but then I realize God always makes room for each of us to grow and change. It may not be through me, or you; but for sure, someone else is destined to do it, and in ways we have never imagined happening. As the saying goes, "yours may be a way, but it's not the only way". Here, we witness how God truly works in people's lives.

I have been a witness to others' transformation, and I have learned a great deal just being a spectator. Most times, we try to be mentors of philosophy and belief when we feel as if we have experienced enough. For sure, others will benefit on what we have to offer, but we can never expect EVERYBODY to relate to and learn from every single word we say. We can not take matters into our own hands. We can only hope and pray that God takes care of everything, His way and in His time.

For this, may we divert our pleas and insistence to prayer, learn to lift our concerns to God and trust that His will be done always. May we also develop patience and sympathy for our brothers and sisters, especially at times when all they need is a listener. Pray always.

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