Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Power of Words

In the Old Testament, a lot of examples were given about parents giving blessings to their children. At first, it did not make much sense to me since parents always have good intensions anyway. But having read about these actions, it made me realize that parents' words are powerful indeed. That the blessings that they hand over to you are actually gifts from God... and in the same way a curse, when given out of rage, or even unintentionally.

Two years ago, my father jokingly said, out of nowhere, that i would turn out to be a spinster. I just laughed that time, thinking how ridiculous it was since it came from my father, who I am very close with. I even forgot about it, until recently. I never thought how much it truly affected me until I had a series of conversations with friends about parents' blessings. And the moment I started uttering the word "spinster", tears came rushing down my face. Deep down, I couldn't accept that I would have that fate. I've always known that I would be a good wife, a good mother, a good home-maker. But somehow, that word shook me. Am I losing faith? Are my desires the same as His? I asked myself.

Then just an hour ago, I had a talk with my mom. I asked her how her birthday celebration went. The mood was very light, then it occured to me that I had to let my mom know. So I told her what I learned about parents' blessings and how significant they truly are. I also mentioned about Papa's *joke* and how I wanted him to take it back. I was very confident that my mom, knowing how faithful and prayerful she is, would understand what I was trying to tell her, even after she panickly asked if I was getting married already, thinking that was the reason why I asked. And so she promised that the blessing would be given to me when I come home in December.

I don't know what's in store for me in the future, but somehow, that conversation has given me more hope and courage... that no matter what happens, I will be alright. I feel much better now.

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