Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Everyday, we meet people who get to have a glimpse of ourselves which builds what we call "first impression". Rarely does it last, especially when you get to really know the person in and out.

But how sure are we that the person people see in us is truly who we are? When we look in the mirror, do we fully recognize the image staring back at us? We think we know ourselves so well, yet we are surprised by our initial reactions on matters that make us snap.

Just tonight, I was tested. I don't usually snap in front of my friends, but for some reason, I did. Bad mood got worse, and led me to push my friends away instead of keeping them a little bit longer. Over and over, they asked me what was wrong. Honestly, I didn't know why. Was I being too melodramatic? Was it just the effect of watching a drama special on dvd, which made me cry the previous night that had me blabbing about it so as to get others interested in watching it, and which for some reason, had made my friends laugh and....

Ok, wait. Maybe THAT's the reason why I got so cranky all of a sudden... A big-deal-to-you-small-deal-to-others kind of moment. I expected that my friends would see it the way I saw it. Maybe I just couldn't believe that they would make fun of it until the end. Does it have to do with pride? Or was I too immature to handle the situation? Maybe both. It did hurt a bit when they just wouldn't stop. I started thinking they were laughing at me, and not at the movie anymore. I just wish they could guess what was going on in my mind to save me from dealing with all the drama. Fortunately, we can do something about things we have control of. So I chose to be silent. Tthis too shall pass, as they always say. Haaaay... mood swings suck.

Oh, life. Friends always mean well anyway. Enough is enough. I guess I just need to sleep on it....

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