Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daily Digest #5

Be my rock of refuge, a fortress of defense to save me. —Psalm 31:2

The greatest gift for me is peace of mind.... Being confident that God is in control, that no matter how bad the situation gets, He will get us through it... Sometimes we feel we are given wisdom, or strength, or courage to do things, yet we doubt because our own desires get in the way, often confusing them with His.... I only ask myself 1 question on every important decision i had made or have to make..."did i follow my heart or my head?" .. I believe the heart speaks to us, like God is speaking to us... the mind tells us only what WE want, or what WE think is right. And with this, we build confidence in the Lord, trusting Him in everything that comes our way....

Let us pray that we may always be away from harm and temptation, but should this be His will (not because He's punishing us, but because He wants us to learn an important lesson that would come handy in the following years), may we ask for wisdom, courage and strength to face the challenge.

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