Sunday, February 03, 2008

Daily Digest #10

God will wipe away every tear from their eyes . . . . There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away. —Revelation 21:4

I praise Him for getting me through weeks of menopause-like stage (i really don't know what to call it, there's too many changes and mixed emotions involved)... Out of nowhere, anxieties and doubts started to cloud my mind. I had several sleepless nights, leaving me short-tempered and tired the next day. But the experience taught me a number of things... about myself, my choices, my plans, people around me who have been angels in this time of despair. Many times in those few weeks did i ask for help or a sign that God was listening to me, and every time, He sent something or someone... and I'm grateful that He has blessed me with the perception I prayed for.... Thank you for those who have continuously prayed for me... I, too, am praying for you. The power of prayer has proven itself infinitely that it would be hard not to practice it.

There's too much to learn about oneself. I doubt that I've surpassed even a quarter of the journey yet. But somehow, I realize how great God has worked in each of our lives... much more if we let Him in with open arms. Right now, I'm filled with awe, remembering how I felt a few days back, and how I'm feeling now which I did not even imagine happening so soon. He truly listens.

I write this testimony to glorify His name, and to remind me should I fall down again. I'm just so happy that I am back and full of thirst for life again. I hope I have imparted the lessons I've learned especially to those who are going through the same stage. I'm glad to be able to smile once again, and really smile. True happiness does come from deep inside.

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