Thursday, May 08, 2008

Daily Digest #56

Be tenderhearted, be courteous. —1 Peter 3:8

A million "ouch" for the passage today. I hope we all make time to reflect on it.

I'm a moody, moody person. When I'm in a bad mood, even the slightest nuisance distracts me. I try to control my reaction from time to time, usually leaving me silent and aloof. To my defense, I just try to make myself believe that it's better to be quiet than to do/say something mean and irrational. That's why I feel blessed to be surrounded by people who are familiar with my mood swings. However, there are times when I feel provoked, and it bothers me that some people who know me seem to do it on purpose. Reverse psychology never works for me. I'd rather be confronted face to face than play mind games. This leads me to think that maybe some people do not know any other way to express themselves. Or they really have issues that they need to discuss with me but afraid that I would snap at them. Haaay, communication barriers.... Hindi naman ako asar? Heheh.

Anyway, I have learned that no matter how pissed we are inside, we should still try to be kind to others. We can always smile, or just listen. I guess I, too, lack the courage to confront others in a loving way. I tend to let my bad mood take over me sometimes that I seem hateful, ready to attack. My apologies to those who have witnessed this kind of behavior. Maganda lang po, nagkakamali. I am always ready to make amends.

That is why it is important that we pray all the time. Prayer makes us realize our mistakes, and we learn to make up for them. It also helps us divert our attention to better things, instead of allowing the bad mood to hang in there. May we pray that He keeps us away from sin, that we may be able to fight the temptation to snap. May the Lord guide our every action, word and thought. May we also pray for those who provoke us on purpose, that they may be given courage to speak up in a language that we will both understand. And in turn, may we learn to listen and respond in a loving, and never vengeful, way so that our issues may finally be resolved. Pray always. God bless!

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