Friday, June 27, 2008


It is not enough to say YES just once. It has to be repeated over and over again. We have to set out on a way and we have to carry on step by step. Our YES is a growing reality; the farther we go, the deeper and richer its content. The resistance, of course, is always there. How often our encounter with God, before we set out on a YES, is fist a long dark resistance.

The YES has to be repeated very often so that it includes everything in the past, in the present, and in the future. As long as there is something in my past which I reject, there is still a screen in me that prevents me from being transparent. That which I repress or resent splits my inner spirit, my inner self, and may become a heavy chain which I drag along. It may take time to really accept the suffering or the failure that came to me, maybe long ago, but it is vital that I accept it. The YES can create a meaning where before there was none. The YES, repeated, will become more mature, more profound, more silent, and eventually it will extract light from the dark radiance.

To say YES is to accept the present. It means to acknowledge gratefully the talents and possibilities I have without thinking all of them have to be realized. It means to accept my limitations in health, education, character, and etc. while at the same time trying to overcome them. It means to transform gently the weaknesses into strengths, the innate temptations into grace, the given potential into ripe harvest. It means to say YES to the lives of others, and to give them the room and the sympathy they need. It means to accept the situation I am in, and myself in that situation.

The YES to the future is a profound act of faith, since we do not know fully what we are saying YES to. It is only our confidence in the person of Christ that enables us to say YES. Our faith in Christ constitutes the basis of our commitment. Our efforts to live our option for the poor and our accepted poverty of means, our preferential love for Jesus Christ’s, and our total availability, are explicitly acts of faith.

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