Saturday, June 14, 2008

Help Me Find René!!!

Hello readers and friends! I just created a new blog site to help me look for René. Click here: Help Me Find René!!!

Wish me luck!!! :D



René and Joanne met on a bus from Koh Phangan to Bangkok on the 15th of April, 2008. Though both enjoying the perks of singlehood, the magic was right and the end of island-hopping/backpacking turned into something wonderful. They conversed for almost 6 straight hours -- on and off the bus. They talked about many, many things -- interests, travels, family, faith, friends, culture, future plans -- except their contact details. René was very much enthusiastic but Joanne wasn't sure if their encounter was a mere acquaintance, or meant to be a lifelong connection. Upon arriving at the unexpected bus stop, lost in trance, they headed towards opposite directions. Unknowingly, they decided to test fate by going separate ways and seeing if destiny could bring them back together...

Joanne, having known a few places René was planning to go to with his remaining 5 days in Bangkok, took the chance to look for him, hoping and praying that they could bump into each other once again -- from the crowded aisles of MBK to the vastness of Chatuchak Weekend Market. As a final resort, the thought of going to the airport tempted her, since she knew what day he was heading back to Germany. But going there, unaware of the time and airline, eventually discouraged her. From that day on, Joanne thought of other ways to reach him, and finally decided to take the journey through the internet. And so, this blog came into existence.

An announcement was posted in Mojo Spills 2 days after their encounter, with some of the details Joanne learned about René. She hopes that this could lead her to him in some way. So, dear friends, please...