Friday, September 05, 2008

Daily Digest #136

Because they had no root they withered away. —Matthew 13:6

I really needed to hear/read this! More often do I concern myself with my shoots rather than my roots.

The first time I felt how He loved me, it created an overwhelming feeling within me. It was all feeling in the beginning. Little did I know that it wouldn't last... unless I did something to strengthen my faith. He made me realize how important prayer and Scripture-reading are.

He wants to communicate with us, although he already knows what is inside our hearts. Because it is the time when He gives us His answers, which may also come out from our own mouths, or directly from the Word of God. He wants us to free ourselves from worrying about what we could produce, because it will all come in His way, and His time. We get so anxious about pleasing ourselves or others that we forget to ask if we are pleasing Him. He wants our whole selves to be deeply rooted in His Word and prayer so when the times comes that we are called to do His will, we will not be shaken or stirred to the opposite direction.

He practices and tests our character through our day-to-day callings, on what we do for every person we meet, or every situation we get ourselves into.... That's how we can assess, not only how much we've grown upward, but more importantly, downward. Let us look back to our past trials and ask ourselves: How deep are my roots?

For this, let us pray. May we not be anxious in producing branches, but rather in strengthening our roots grounded in God's Word and prayer. May we build a closer relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. May His will be done, and not ours. Pray always.

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