Friday, August 29, 2008

Daily Digest #131

But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, gentleness. —1 Timothy 6:11

Spiritual dryness is much too common in every Christian's journey of faith. There are times when the foundations of our faith are shaken by trials, or simply by idleness. Our focus is stirred from its once ideal and profound vision to something else. Sometimes we confuse faith with feeling. We take it as spiritual dryness when we don't feel moved by our prayers anymore. We forget that we are building a relationship with God, instead of counting our good works or asking for mercy or blessing.

As the article below implies, there is always something to do. Everyday is an opportunity to act on our faith. Picking up the Bible and reading is a start, or reading a chapter or a few verses to reflect on. We need to develop a habit of renewing our faith every day, may it be Scripture-reading, lending an ear or a hand, helping those in need, smiling at people we meet, or simply acting out of love.

Faith is active. It's not passive. It's a commitment. Look at your lifestyle and see what kind of actions follow as a result of it. If you've got the real stuff, faith can be demonstrated. Faith is proven by how we live. (taken from a Purpose Driven Life article Faith the Facts! dated 2008/07/02)

For this, let us pray. May we develop a humble servant's heart as we walk in this journey of faith. May we open our heart, mind and eyes to every opportunity that we meet along the way to be a Christian. May we constantly seek His will and not ours. Pray always.

Feelings Are Fickle – Faith Is Forever


Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to him, "Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed," but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? James 2:15-16 (NIV)

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Faith is more than something you just feel. Many people confuse emotions and feelings with faith. They come to church and they are moved emotionally, they're inspired, and they're stimulated. They get a quiver in their liver and say, "Oh, man! I'm moved!"

In the book of James, we get a brief glimpse at hollow sentimentality. James minces no words. He's saying, "You go out on the street and you see some homeless person who's destitute and simply say, "Cheer up," or "Don't worry, be happy!" "Feel good!" "Put on a happy face." "Smile, smile, smile!" For God's sake, do something!

Faith is practical. It gets involved in people's hurts. And when you see a need, you do something about it. James says faith is something you do. You don't just feel it. You have responsibilities.

One by one. Great opportunities to serve God seldom come, but small opportunities surround us daily. You need to look for those little opportunities because faith is not just something you say, and it's not just something you feel.

The Next Step:

Give your faith feet. Many Christians practice faith within the confines of their climate controlled cathedrals. Find a way out! Serve your community outside the walls of the local church.

Discover the needs. Put your faith feelers out and find out where the need is greatest in your community; then begin to work on a way you can make a difference.

Go global. What could the church do to change conditions half a world away? Plenty! Find a way to join the move toward stopping extreme poverty and the hopelessness of starvation and disease.

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