Saturday, December 13, 2008

Daily Digest #194

Where sin abounded, grace abounded much more. —Romans 5:20

We all have our differences, to the point that we sin and hurt each other. We offend, or get offended, in many ways, and we react according to what we feel, or to the principles we try to uphold. We demand a lot of things from others, which unfortunately, they are just not willing to give or compromise. But what do we really do with the time given to us, in spite of our differences and sinfulness?

Sometimes we do sinful and hurtful things just so others can hear and understand us. It really hurts when people we trust the most ignore us or invalidate what we feel. I've experienced this many times before. The more I longed for comfort from others, the more I found it difficult to reach out because I thought they "should" understand my feelings. But I realized, no matter how we seem transparent to one another, there is always a need to talk and open up. We can't expect people to understand or be with us all the time, we can only hope. It was hard to accept at first, but with God's grace and wisdom, He made me see the bigger picture -- that He hears my cries and my pleas, and He's with me all the time. He made it easier for me to realize the wrong things I have said and done, and led me to repentance. He made me realize how I forgot to judge myself before I judged others. God made me realize how each of us has a unique journey to take, and that we know nothing about others' paths, only our own. God made it easier for me to forgive, because I believe He has forgiven me. God made me see that He has greater gifts than hardships, if only we learn to count them and ignore the rest. To those who are struggling with this at the moment, I recommend the book of Job.

For this, let us pray. May we grow in faith and lead to repentance. May we forgive, just as our heavenly Father forgives us. May we not pass judgment on others but ourselves. May we seek His wisdom and guidance before we decide to act or speak. May we trust His ways and allow Him to draw us closer to His grace and mercy. Pray always.

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