Monday, October 19, 2009

Daily Digest #345

Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you. —Mark 5:19

[Written on Monday, Aug 24] I hope you all had a great weekend. How's your day so far? I had a rather busy day, but pretty enjoyable. Earlier, I was worrying if I could accomplish all my tasks at work today. I was greeted by a number of tasks on my desk, and the minute my boss stepped in the office, she handed me more haha. But I was able to finish everything an hour before my deadline! :D God kept sending me happy thoughts throughout the day which helped me enjoy my work. My 4 consecutive classes turned out extraordinarily fun for the kids, which I consider a miracle considering all else I needed to do in the office. It's been a fruitful day, and I'm happy that I can now read today's reflection and chat with friends heheh. Anyway, let us reflect on today's passage....

I lost my wallet last Friday. I was on my way to do grocery shopping for next day's event (farewell party for a household sister) when I dropped my wallet. And I only noticed that it was gone when I was about to withdraw cash in the ATM machine. It was my 1st time to lose a wallet, but for some reason, I didn't panic. It felt like I knew everything would be sorted out. I had to walk home since I didn't have any money, and tried to remember everything that was in it. I had my ATM card, insurance card, apartment key card, and important university receipts inside. When I got home, another resident was about to enter, so I was able to get in with her in right away. When I reached my apartment, I got my bank documents and tried to cancel my card by phone but it didn't work. I only had a few baht in my mobile credit so I had to call the apartment manager (who happens to be our office chief accountant as well) to ask if I could use her landline. But she did more than let me use her phone! She contacted the bank herself and cancelled the card for me :D And she even replaced my key card for free!

The next day, I rushed to the grocery store to, first, replace my ATM card, then buy ingredients for the food I was preparing for lunch. Carrefour opens at 9, but the bank opens at 10.30am, so I couldn't imagine how I still made it on time! At the bank, there was this little girl who kept smiling at me, so we sort of played a game (just made funny faces) while I waited to get my new ATM card. It was already 11am when I started shopping when I received calls and text messages that my guests would be late. Whew! That just bought me time to finish my cooking at home.

I suddenly realized how losing my wallet kept me busy, and my mind away from worrying about the party's attendance. I thought there would only be 4 of us since some did not confirm, but for the 1st time in many months, my original household was complete! :D The farewell party turned out well. The surprise was a success. And we witnessed the power of prayer in an extraordinary way that afternoon. I couldn't thank God more for making everything possible that day.

Oh, and this afternoon, I filed for a police report since my medical insurance needs it to replace my lost card. The policeman was very nice, I think I just made a friend heheh. Before I left the police station, he gave me his email and mobile # because he said he wanted to practice his English more. Yuy.

God made everything easy for me these past few days. I couldn't thank Him enough for guiding my words and thoughts, and for giving me more than enough reasons to smile everyday. For this, join me in prayer. Lord, thank You for giving us a different perspective; for helping us see our misfortunes as blessings in disguise. Thank You for allowing us to see Your face in others. Thank You for carrying our burdens. Lord, we ask for strength to follow Your will each day. May we live our lives with faith, hope and love. These we ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

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