Monday, June 25, 2007


As I was reading Genesis 18 last night, where the stories of Abraham, his gift from God and his plea for Sodom are told, I reflected on prayers.

In this chapter, it shows how faithful and merciful God is, considering bargains and proving everything is possible if we just trust in Him. He knows our deepest desires, and He will grant it in His own will, which is always the best.

When we say prayer, we usually think of requests. Is this all there is when we talk to God? For me, praying is an intimate communication with Him, glorifying His name, thanking Him for all the countless blessings day by day, asking Him to guide me in everything I do so that I may live according to His will. When I look back on requests I made before, some of those turned out far from what I expected, and they all worked out for the best.

That's why I strongly disagree with the term "unanswered prayers". It distracts me everytime I hear it. When God says "no", didn't He answer? God always answers. He listens and feels every joy and pain. It just happened that the answer was "no", or maybe "wait", but still, He listened. Maybe we need to assess our requests. Is it according to our will, or His? Sometimes even that we can't figure out. Maybe praying for discernment is a much better request.

There are times when we are still plagued by worries, fear and impatience, and we couldn't help but ask, or even blame, Him for things happening to us. But somewhere in the long train of thoughts, He answers, so profoundly, that we are left speechless. And we feel humbled. We feel someone truly listens, without judgement, rejection or abandonment. And we are loved.

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