Friday, May 23, 2008

Daily Digest #61

Your Word I have hidden in my heart. —Psalm 119:11

I used to dread opening the Bible. There were some lying around the house when I was younger, and the minute I read the words "Thou", "Thy" and suffixes "-eth", it turned me off, thinking I wouldn't understand any of them. Then just over a year ago, I started reading the Scriptures (the new version hehe) with a reading guide for 2 weeks, as part of a covenant I have committed myself into. It covered chapters from every book, and little by little the Bible made sense to me. The next phase was for 3 months, covering more verses. Luckily, I found a Bible (from my sister's stuff.... thanks chi, and josh) that was very easy to read, with a bit of history and trivia on the side. Now, not only do I have no excuse for reading the Word, but I also get to really reflect on the verses every time. (Please pray that I do not forget to scan the reading guide and attach it to my next email). There are many available versions now, depending on our reading preferences. There's even a much simpler version for kids! I saw some versions with cute covers, very ideal as gifts for special occasions.

Our Daily Bread online, for instance, has been of great relevance to my mornings. As you can see, it highlights a Bible verse everyday. I find it very helpful, especially for those who are thinking of starting to read the Scriptures. We could not help but pray for those people who have poured out all their efforts and dedication to making the Word of God easier for us to read and understand. God continuously makes wonders through His people, reaching out to us in so many different ways, and urging us to reach out to each other more and more.

I once heard a redemptionist say that the Bible stands for "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth". It was a funny, yet surreal, way of putting it. He said the Bible is a story of our life! Indeed, it is! For every joy, pain, confusion and struggle has been covered in the Scriptures, making us believe more that God really has gotten everything figured out. There's no experience or situation that is unique. Even people from the ancient times underwent these trials. And there's no greater joy than to know the life and death, AND life of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

May we take the first step in our spiritual journey by opening the Bible. Then may we pray for discernment and patience to understand what the Scriptures is trying to reveal to us. God is reaching out to us everyday, and it is only up to us to respond to His calls or not. May we learn to call out to Him also. Pray always.

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