Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When Hope Fades

I died...
Eyes that used to reveal life and passion
Are now blurred by tears that would not fall
The same ones that smiled when my heart rejoiced
And wept when it mourned.
They say that the eye is the window to a man's soul
And mine was as clear as crystal.
Yet over time, dust seem to have settled
And the eyes that used to follow my lips
Now utter blank words,
As if trapped in a place where no man can go.
They gaze at memories of the past, and linger
Until the heart is convinced
That everything was but a dream.
The heart that beats for love and hope and joy
Aches with uncertainty,
Afraid that all hope would soon be lost.
What remains of it, however,
Tells the soul to be calm,
To go where the wind blows,
And to live as though the end
Is just a step away.
How I long to live again!
But my heart knows better.
So it speaks,
"There is a time for everything.
And now is the time to rest."