Friday, May 23, 2008

Daily Digest #63

Do not harden your hearts. —Psalm 95:8

You know, what strikes me more is when I am heartless without even knowing it. No matter how good we seem sometimes, if we are not sensitive enough by heart, we would most probably end up showing no mercy or compassion, especially when we are very much carried away by our emotions. We express our anger easily because they simply annoy us. "Pet peeves", as we all call it.

I wrote 2 articles about my pet peeves in my blog 2 years ago. It's funny when I recall how I used to react to people who did these things. I usually gave them a nasty look, a raised eyebrow, or even holler a rude comment if they really got into my nerves. Here's the list:

1. tunog ng takong sa hallway pag dis-oras ng gabi (hindi mumu, marami lang talagang inuumaga ng uwi sa apartment ko) -- sound of high heels in the hallway at past midnight (not that there are ghosts in my apartment, people just naturally come in and out at those times)

2. sirang gulong ng grocery cart na magloloko lang kung kelan puno na at pababa na ng moving ramp -- grocery carts with one bad wheel or any other non-working parts, when your cart is already full

3. mga taong parating may "like" sa mga pangungusap nila. like duh?!?! -- people who usually use the word "like" in their sentences

4. mga nangangalabit ng madiin at paulit-ulit -- people who nudge hard, several times

5. mga nagpapatong ng basang baso sa mga lamesa may barnis tapos walang coaster (OC!!!) -- people who don't use coaster on a varnished table/furniture

6. sali-salising hangers at wires -- tangled hangers and wires

7. mga bumubusina nang walang humpay -- people who honk their horns non-stop

8. cellphones na ang ringtone e "Happy Birthday", o "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" kahit hindi pasko. -- annoying ringtones, especially when it doesn't call for the occasion

9. mga umuubo o humahatsing na di ngccover ng bibig, at mga dumudura -- those who cough or sneeze without covering their mouths, and those who spit

10. mga ngbburp ng malakas tapos di nag-e-excuse me -- those who burp without excusing themselves

11. mga taong nsa unahan mo, nglalakad ng napakabagal, tapos di ma-overtake kse paliko-liko; o kaya ung biglang titigil sa gitna ng daan pag di alam kung saan pupunta -- those walking slowly in front of you when you're in a rush, and can't keep a straight line, disabling you to overtake

12. mga kuha ng kuha ng pagkain ng may pagkain, na hindi naman ka-close (uyyy ayaw magshare hehehe) -- strangers or acquaintances who take food from your plate, as if you're sooo close

13. mga nagyoyosing nagbubuga ng usok sa mukha mo, tapos timing na bagong ligo ka, or umagang-umaga -- those who smoke and puff right in your face when you've just showered, or when it's early in the morning

14. mga maingay ngumuya -- those who cannot chew quietly

15. mga taong nagrereact sa movie house, nagkkwento sa katabi o nagdadaldalan habang nanonood ng sine, o di nagpapatay o ng-m-mute ng phone sa loob ng sinehan -- those who react in cinemas, talk to each other while the film is running, or don't turn off or mute their cellphones inside the cinema

**Sorry if some of you are doing 1 or a few of these things, I don't intend to insult anybody. As I said, these are MY pet peeves.**

Anyway, I still can't help myself sometimes. But since we are now aware that we shouldn't simply act on our emotions, we can just keep it to ourselves for a while. If it's really that annoying, we can always vent it out on a pillow or a room where we can scream hehe. Or if we have the courage to confront the person calmly and lovingly, then the much better to speak. Sometimes, people are unaware of their behaviors, too.

For this, let us pray. May we develop a soft heart, that we may show mercy and compassion for those who are in need. May we learn to manage our emotions. May God always guide our every thought, word and action. Pray always.

List taken from these previous spills: Pet Peeves and More Pet Peeves

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