Friday, May 30, 2008

Daily Digest #65

Be doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. —James 1:22

We see, hear and feel God everywhere... Even in my sleep, I know how He communicates with me. My dreams are oftentimes symbolic. When I analyze the symbols, I come to a conclusion that He is guiding my thoughts and my emotions all along. I find comfort and refuge to know that He is always at my side. He always sends angels to aid us in our times of grief.

Yesterday, I spent my time reading the Book of Job. I was overwhelmed by the weight of his suffering. Yet in the end, God had made him realize that it's not the suffering that counts, but what we do with it. Will our faith make us overcome our difficulties? Will fear weaken our spirits? Will we stop trusting God, and forget that He is always in control?

Sometimes, trials seem to come to our lives non-stop. May we learn that everything is but a test. That He will never give us anything that we cannot bear. He may test our limits, but His love is too strong that we will never give up. He offers hope even in all hopelessness. May we not take our battles on our own. Jesus Christ is waiting for us to share the load, until we can completely lift it all up to Him. May we also learn from others. May we see God's work in our friends and family. May we realize how much God uses each of us for His glory, and not ours. We may be able to comfort our friends, but may we do so with the utmost purity of our hearts. May we pray always.

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