Friday, June 27, 2008

Daily Digest #83

Your children [shall be] like olive plants all around your table. —Psalm 128:3

We are surrounded by people, both young and old. Every generation we encounter, we try to deal with understanding, acceptance and patience. And vice versa. Though sometimes we find it less acceptable when the older ones are the ones speaking and acting like teenagers hehe. Some even talk maturely and wisely, but are never really backed up by their actions. There are always reasons why people act this way. We may be loaded with assumptions, but we will never really know unless they open up to us completely. Sometimes, these people need our prayers, support, or just mere presence, the most. We, ourselves, have the same needs. We may have various backgrounds, but we basically share the same needs. We could be wiser and play the role of a "parent". We could also be eager to learn and experience, and be the "child". Either way, we all play both parts from time to time.

That is why it is always good to be kind to each other, to love each other as we love ourselves. For this, let us pray. May we ask God to teach us to love as He had loved. May He bless us with understanding and patience for one another. May He cleanse our hearts and help us overcome our fears. May we keep a close relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ. Pray always.

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