Friday, September 19, 2008

Daily Digest #142

Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. —Acts 16:31

How did you come to know Jesus Christ in your life? My story is this: I used to be the type of Christian who remembers God only on special occasions -- well, actually, I focused on partying or going out of town or just enjoying a long break during Christmas and Lenten seasons. I went to church just because the priests or older people told me to do so. I never really understood what the religious practices were for. I usually blamed the lack of regular catechism in school from high school until college. When I began to question them, many of my expectations weren't met that I became more hesitant to engage myself in anything that involved the church. I did pray, but only at times of confusion or loneliness or pressure. But I never really recognized God as my savior, my source of comfort or my best friend.

When I came to Thailand, I spent my first 3 years on pleasure and comfort. It was fun. But it came to a point when I became restless. It felt like something was missing in my life. I tried being alone for a while, thinking that was all I needed. It got lonely after several months, so I decided to go out and meet new people. Luckily, I found a Christian community. It felt like 1st day of school again. But I never really expected that God would introduce Himself to me. It happened after 3 months in the community, of Bible-reading and learning songs. I started listening to Christian music along with my Scripture-reading (which I did half-heartedly because I thought it was sooo "hard core" and un-cool). Then I heard the song "Come To Jesus"... I found myself crying out of nowhere. I replayed the track several times and found myself praying, thanking Him (which I rarely did), asking for forgiveness, and so sure that He was listening to every word. Everything else after that had been a wonderful journey. There had been difficult trials, but He gave me a different perspective on things that I ended up praising Him more. I also learned to count my blessings more. I realized how He always makes a way for me to witness Him each day, only if I choose to see or listen.

For me, to know God personally is the greatest privilege one could ever have. I can only wish to build a stronger relationship with Him. I can only pray that I would have the same faith as He has in me. I share this prayer with you, that too He may grant you the same wish. May he continue to teach us about love, patience, faith and hope. Pray always.

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