Friday, September 19, 2008

Daily Digest #144

I did not say . . . , “Seek Me in vain.” —Isaiah 45:19

I have gathered a couple of short prayers.... Let us offer this prayer together.

We thank You for this day. We thank You for all days of work and play. We thank you for the nights of calm, restful sleep. We give thanks to You for sustaining us daily. Most of all, we give You praise for your love and forgiveness through your son, Jesus Christ.

Please forgive us for not taking the time out of our busy lives to thank You for all the many blessings You give us. You are the reason we have the ability to have full lives in the first place. We thank You for guiding us in the right direction and granting us Your grace so we can worthily praise your name forever.

We pray that You give us the courage and strength to let go of earthly possessions that are Yours to begin with. Tender our hearts at losing something of worldly value and show us Your heavenly word that's of more importance. Teach us the truth that all material things can be replaced, but the price of a human life is forever irreplaceable. Show us, through the teachings of Your Son, that all things on earth come from You. Whatever You give, You can also take away. Lord, help us to always remember that truth.

We pray for all of the people who are sick in body, mind and in soul, for they need Your healing hands to comfort and guide them. Give them the strength and the wisdom to see the ways of Your word. We also pray to you God to help us help others in need. We also ask you to bring humbleness to the proud, meekness to the mighty, compassion to the unfeeling, wisdom and learning to the unlearned, happiness to the oppressed and saddened, comfort to the grieving, friendship to the lonely, and above all, love to our brothers and sisters who choose to hate others. We pray this humble prayer through your son, Jesus Christ. AMEN.

God bless everyone!

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