Thursday, January 08, 2009

Daily Digest #205

Unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. —Matthew 18:3

Do you ever wonder why you end up more tired and confused every time you try to deal certain things on your own? Don't you feel the burden more when you focus on your misfortunes? Do you even ask instead of attempt to answer every single question that's been bothering you?

These are several questions I often ask myself when my thoughts wander during times of trial or idleness. It all boils down to one.... God is simply telling me to slow down or get up, and revive my childlike heart. Somewhere along my train of thoughts, He makes me realize that I don't know everything, that I need a Higher Power to answer my queries. He helps me remember that although my journey is unique, His love will be the same no matter which path I choose. Contentment and comfort follows. How simple life can truly be if only we believe.

We may be disillusioned by culture, society, pain, or peer pressure, but God's love and mercy are far greater than any barrier that could ever block His way into our hearts. For this, let us pray. May we allow God to heal our wounds and purify our hearts. May we learn to call upon His name and admit that we are not kings and queens of the universe. May we humble ourselves and have faith like a child. Pray always.

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