Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daily Digest #239

[Jesus] put out His hand and touched [the leper]. —Luke 5:13

Helping has rarely been a problem to me. But I have this attitude of choosing who to help. I am very much irritated by tactless people, and those who ask for help as if they were bossing you around. Some people just don't know how to ask politely. I just had that encounter early this morning.

The ironic thing is, I woke up with such a good mood, swearing under my breath that even a bird's turd landing on my head won't ruin this day (I was at the balcony that time hehehe). But the reading today opened my mind a little bit wider. It has made me realize a sense of responsibility to correct when necessary, but STILL give a helping hand. Sometimes, we forget the "how" gives a whole different meaning to the "what". I usually keep my mouth shut just to avoid myself from blowing up. Anyway, it always helps to keep one's calm.

It is still a beautiful day ahead, and I have decided to make sure of it :D Please join me in prayer. May He open our eyes to all opportunities to love and to help today. May we offer a helping hand to those in need, irregardless of how they ask. May we develop a deeper understanding for others, because some people simply do not know how to ask for help (the same with those who love but cannot express it) or too proud or shy to say thank you. May we serve others as if we're serving God, expecting nothing in return. Pray always.

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