Friday, April 03, 2009

Daily Digest #260

Arise, go over this Jordan . . . . I will not leave you nor forsake you. —Joshua 1:2,5

I came to Thailand in October, 2002, as a graduation gift from my eldest sister. I was fresh out of college, and I had several plans on how to start my career in the Philippines. But after 2 weeks, I got offered a job in Bangkok, which didn't have anything to do with my degree. I worked at the customer service department of a financial firm. Surprisingly, I didn't feel homesick at all. I did miss my family and friends on several occasions, but not to the point of packing my bags and going back home for good. My 1-month holiday turned into 1-year stay.

During that period, I was able to spend some time with my sister's family. I remember my 2-year old niece back then, who went to my room (actually, I was squatting in hers hehe) in the morning to greet me with a kiss, and listen to my CD's. I can still remember the smells (my niece had this set of special soap, shampoo and cologne that I loved).

After some time, I moved to my 1st and very own apartment. I was so excited that I splurged my month's salary on home aesthetics (yes, it included appliances hehehe). I've never felt so independent until then :D I still saw my sister's family as often as possible. One time, I took my niece back at my apartment to spend the weekend with me. We had a morning stroll in the park, and grocery shopping in the afternoon. She also learned to eat tuna, rice and Knorr seasoning from me hehe.

My other sister later joined us, a few weeks before our eldest sister's family left for Maldives. The 3 of us, sisters, enjoyed those moments together, even for just a while. I had already met my best friend then, and she got to come with us from time to time. I consider our girl bonding moments very special indeed.
A single decision (to come to Thailand) led me to a unique path. I didn't know what laid ahead, but looking back now, I realize how blessed I've been since the day I came here. I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for that single decision. The distance drew me closer to my family in many ways. I have also met wonderful people who helped shape my life. My encounter with different people taught me many things about myself, and about life. I realize how God has taken care of me all these years, surrounding me with all sorts of people and situations that brought lessons along to be learned.

Let us reminisce on good memories today. May we thank God for making us experience and learn many things. May we learn to treasure wonderful moments, so we can simply look back when times are weary. May we ask God to bless and guide our decisions everyday.... He may just be leading us to another adventure! Pray always.

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