Sunday, May 31, 2009

Daily Digest #294

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil! —Isaiah 5:20

Last night, I just had the same conversation: about confusing good and evil from right and wrong, and righteous from morally upright. Since we are all people of opinions, we make our own definitions and standards of right and wrong that we confuse right with good, and wrong with evil. As the short poem states above, evil does wear a mask sometimes. We think we are being led to God through a set of laws that we tend to forget that Jesus already put that same set of laws in one word: LOVE. That anything WITHOUT love is worth NOTHING. Doing everything with love sets us free because rules are useless that no matter what others say, the one who loves is courageous and faithful enough to follow his/heart, therefore, is working for the greater good.

The next issue is: what is our definition of LOVE? The Bible clearly states what real love is. Let me share excerpts from the article, "What Is Real Love", p.31:

Real love is a survivor. Because it finds its source and life in God, real love can endure anything.

Paul made it clear that other things (prophecy, tongues, knowledge) are temporary, incomplete, and unreliable. But not love. By the strength and grace of God, it can survive anything. Real love can survive betrayal and distrust. It can survive disappointment and moral failure. It can rise above the insults and envy of people who consider us their enemy. It can survive criminal trial and imprisonment.

Even when the nature of our relationships change due to unfortunate human choices,
the love of God can cause us to pray and, where possible, to act in behalf of another person.

It is the love that reflects the heart of Christ and reveals the wonderful change that only He can make in a life. It is real love.

For this, let us pray. Lord, we pray for discernment. Please guide our thoughts, our words and our actions. Please shower us with your wisdom to know the Truth. May we not be so quick to judge. May we trust that You are always here, watching over us. May we truly believe that we are loved by You unconditionally, and learn to practice love in our lives. Pray always. God bless!

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