Friday, March 14, 2008

Daily Digest #32

Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. —Ruth 1:16

I was actually trying to write about hope as I was lying in bed last night -- how people feel hopeless after being hurt, abandoned or betrayed... But without God's helping hand, one would surely sulk into depression. I've had a 1st-hand experience on this, but only for a very short while. I thought if I didn't allow myself to feel down about something for a moment, I was afraid that it would overcome me at a time I least expected it. I don't know if this kind of mentality is fine, but it did me good. I was always reminded that grief and pain are normal, just as long as I wouldn't totally give in to it or do something stupid. Sometimes, I even thought I was in total control of myself, but He made me realize that He was beside me all along. He never allowed for me to slip away, because I know He loves me, just as much as He loves each of us... If we could only focus on the things we still have, and let go of the things that have already passed us by, we would appreciate life more, and hope more. If a loved one has abandoned us, why not look at others who still love us dearly? It was like getting my head banged on the wall when I started ignoring my sister and my best friend, who were trying to comfort me after losing someone. I felt so guilty afterwards. How could I have missed the love i was looking for when it surrounded me all along? Sometimes we look for things in the wrong places.

May we hope in the Lord at all times. May we read the Bible. May we keep on praying, hoping and loving. May we learn to value the things that truly matter.

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