Friday, October 03, 2008

Daily Digest #155

Write . . . all the words that I have spoken to you . . . that everyone may turn from his evil way, that I may forgive their iniquity and their sin. —Jeremiah 36:2-3

I was up until past 3 this morning, finishing a book a friend gave me. It's called The Kite Runner (some of you might have read or watched it, it's a motion picture now). It bore many truths in it -- about the evil nature of man, and how God defeats every single battle, big or small, in extraordinary ways... There are many parts in the book that resemble the story of Jesus, and many of His parables. The book demonstrates how kindness and love overpowers everything else. And it makes us realize how forgiveness sets us free. It teaches us how a life of self-importance eventually destroys, not only our own but others' lives as well. But through it all, we would see how God works for the greater good. No matter how distorted our journey is or has become, we would always be led to a righteous path. It's all a matter of choice. As I read from page to page, I couldn't help but wonder which one am I in this scenario, or what could someone like me do in a situation like this? After reading it (with a slightly heavy heart), I pondered on the lessons it taught -- ultimately about faith, hope and love.

The Bible teaches us the Truth. As one redemptionist stated in one of his seminars, the Bible stands for "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth". Many of us might think of the Bible as a history book, or a novel, but it's much, much greater than that. It is the book of OUR lives. It allows us to look closely and examine ourselves. And there we will see that He does exist.

For this, let us pray. May we develop a habit of reading and reflecting on His Word every day. May we develop a desire to know and love Him more. May faith and humility grow out of our curiosity and doubt. May we learn to call upon Him, and trust that He is always here. May we believe that we are loved, because He truly does! Pray always.

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