Saturday, February 28, 2009

Daily Digest #241

Be still, and know that I am God. —Psalm 46:10

I love comfortable silences, especially between the closest friends. For me, it signifies transparency and security. There's no hint of doubt or panic that the other might be like this, or might be thinking that. It's like a conversation without words, finding a common sanctuary for both individuals.

I, too, believe that it is during those quiet times that we commune with the Higher Power. It is not only about what goes on inside our heads, but also about hearing the calls of our heart. If we try to assess it, we'll find bits and pieces of information that answer some of our most personal questions. Amazing, isn't it? We may not notice, but I believe God truly talks to us and answers our questions in this intimate way.
For this, let us pray. May we make room for quiet time every day. May we look forward to conversing with God each day, and be willing to listen to what He has to say. May we gain wisdom from the Words we say, read or hear. Pray always.

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