Friday, April 24, 2009

Daily Digest #270

Beloved [Gaius], you do faithfully whatever you do for the brethren and for strangers. —3 John 1:5

Long-lasting relationships or partnerships seem to have each party share a common goal. From my personal observation: marriage lasts for couples who focus on their family, their kids, and the reminder of what their marriage stands for; and friendships last when both parties are focused on the good of the other. Even at work, our jobs last as long as we have good use to the company, or as long as we and our employers are both happy. When a husband or a wife suddenly focuses his/her energy on other things like wealth or success in career, then marriage and family are compromised. When friends choose pride and selfishness over the good of the other, then the relationship is strained. These choices create more room for hate, envy and insecurity. When we shift our priorities, our relationships either grow, suffer or die.

I think it's the same with the Christian family. When we focus on our common goal, which is for the love of God and the passion of following Christ, our lives become simpler. Our choices become much clearer. The more truth there is to our claim to love God, the more we are truly able to love others selflessly and unconditionally.

The way we treat others shows our priorities in life. It reflects when we choose to let God work in our thoughts, words and actions. We allow ourselves to be humbled, until there's nothing left but love. We experience harmony with others despite our individual differences, and inner peace. And we learn to perform our tasks with passion and gratefulness.

For this, let us pray. May we allow God to do His work on us. May we learn to humble ourselves, and wait patiently til we grow a Christ-like heart. May we draw strength from Him in moments of weakness, especially when we are tempted to submit to bitterness, hate or violence. Pray always.

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