Monday, October 19, 2009

Daily Digest #362

In everything give thanks. —1 Thessalonians 5:18

At a recollection last Friday, we were asked to reflect on our "Jerusalem", "Judea", "Samaria" and "to the ends of the earth". Each symbolizes either a person that you would help bring closer to God, or a place where you would do your mission: "Jerusalem" is a member of your family; "Judea" is your neighbor, friend, co-worker; "Samaria" is an outcast in the society; "to the ends of the earth" is a place where you wish to do community service. We would discern and pray for each until they are fulfilled. I have yet to realize what they'll be, and I have a feeling that God will reveal them to me in due time. I still had issues to overcome, which He made me ponder over the past week, and actually opened opportunities for me to straighten out. He taught me how each person has a mission of his/her own, and no matter how i fail to understand or accept, I should at least respect and honor the unique journey God has willed upon them. I was also taught to honor my parents, no matter how "human" they seem to me, and always thank God for having them in my life. I was very much humbled when Papa told me, upon asking forgiveness for something I did, that there was nothing to forgive (I had to remind him of what I did because he forgot it already) and that he would love me no matter what. I simply saw Jesus in him.

All these blessings brought a lot of energy and sincere enthusiasm in me yesterday. I couldn't wait to give something back to express my gratefulness. Though I realize I should be thankful for my blessings everyday, yesterday felt extra special because several of my past prayers were finally answered through the tiny details that only the Spirit of God would allow me to see. Indeed, God's timing is always perfect.

For this, please join me in prayer. Thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to guide our decisions and to open our eyes to see Jesus in others. Thank You for always hearing our prayers, and moving us with Your answers in ways that would truly cause change within us. Lord, we know we are weak, that is why we ask for strength and courage to seek Your will at all times. We ask for Your protection. May we overcome temptations to sin, and turn our doubts and fears into prayers. We ask these in Jesus' name. Amen.

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