Friday, March 14, 2008

Daily Digest #34

Be my strong refuge, to which I may resort continually; You have given the commandment to save me. —Psalm 71:3

The definition of sanctuary is "a place of refuge and protection". It is where we feel utmost peace and comfort. What is your sanctuary? Some might say the mountains, beach, library, park, or the office, etc etc. I used to say "home in Naga" when i was in college, because my parents and siblings were there, and i didn't have to worry myself with college exams and projects. Then when i came to Thailand, i made my own sanctuary, my own home. I loved my place so much that I preferred staying in, and just invited friends and family over. I had many wonderful memories there with my family and closest friends... I guess I could say my definition of sanctuary is a place where i experience love... and it so happened that i felt most comfortable having it under my own roof. But you see, houses or apartments are only temporary. I thought I wouldn't be able to give up the apartment I've lived in for almost 4years. Come to think of it, it has already served its purpose, with the countless memories that took place there.... I didn't expect that I would feel comfortable in my new place so soon. Nothing has changed except for the place. At first I thought, with my new surroundings, it might take some time for me to catch up with my usual day-to-day activities. But with prayer, I believe God has enabled me to see way past the material things, and towards a greater purpose.

I have recently gone to a province and I couldn't deny the overwhelming feeling that kept me there... Going back to a place where one can experience close contact with nature was so surreal. I had to thank my friend for getting along with my silent moments (which I guess he was enjoying himself as well), but I surely felt peace inside.

My point is, any place with the presence of God is a sanctuary. And it could be just about anywhere, because God is everywhere :D May we call unto Him especially at times when we need love, peace and comfort that no other human being or thing can ever fill. Pray always.

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