Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily Digest #124

The Lord searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts. —1 Chronicles 28:9

"Who's side is God on?" This is a very common confusion among us Christians. We often believe that our desires are in line with God's simply because we "feel" strongly about them. We even debate with Him, or get all smart, basing our defenses on the Scriptures while our understanding is tainted with selfishness and pride. It is truly dangerous to mistake our wishes for God's will. Thing is, we realize our mistakes after the damage has been done. That's why it is important to grow a humble heart. It is only through a humble servant's heart is God's voice heard, or sought for. We ought to pray to Him in moments of confusion or doubt, especially when making a decision. We cannot simply conclude that God is on our side. We have to assess our motives. Is it based on the truth, and not just what we think is right? Do we glorify God in what we are about to say or do, and not ourselves?

For this, let us pray. May we grow a humble heart. May we seek the Lord in moments of doubt. May we develop a prayerful lifestyle, constantly asking His guidance. Pray always.

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