Friday, August 08, 2008

Daily Digest #114

As I was with Moses, so I will be with you. —Joshua 1:5

Most of the greatest leaders of families, government, communities are also great followers. But in practical terms, we ourselves could be leaders of even a single person. How? By setting as an example; knowing in our hearts that whatever we teach, we also do. As the verse goes, "the blind cannot lead another blind". We all have our share of experiences in sharing wisdom or giving advice, but do we ever ask ourselves if it was generated by our hearts, or merely our heads, simply because we know it is right? Let us look into our hearts, our thoughts, our ways.... What do we see?

I think each of us is born a leader. In our families, our parents might not even realize it, but every word they say has an impact on their child's life. They are leaders in their own ways, and to use this privilege like Moses and Joshua did, would guarantee a guided and confident parenthood. Having a child witness this would also mold him/her into a good follower, and eventually a good leader. Between siblings and friends, we tend to correct one another to show how much we care. For me this also shows leadership, not to lead the other to what one thinks is the right way, but towards God.

For this, let us pray. May we ask God to purify our hearts, that He may guide our every action, word and thought. May we allow Him to mold us into good followers, until such time when we are made leaders like nothing we have ever imagined. Pray always.

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