Friday, August 22, 2008

Daily Digest #122

[You] have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him. —Colossians 3:10

We are always concerned about dealing with forgiveness, especially when someone has wronged us. We feel angry and hurt, which sometimes leads us to completely turn away just to avoid getting hurt again. But what if we were on the other side? What if we were the ones at fault? Some would say, "oh, i would NEVER do that thing he/she did to me!" with conviction, because we are aware about the consequences of such actions at that certain time. But there are times when we hurt or offend people without our knowledge. There are times when we forget to be kind. There are times when we put our own comforts first rather than lend a hand to those in need. There are times when we try to get even, causing more damage than intended. These small things usually pile up especially when not dealt with right away, until such time when the other person just blows up.

We usually demand for an apology to those who have caused us pain, but how often do we ask for forgiveness to those we have hurt? I guess before we truly repent on something, we have to admit our faults, our shortcomings, our sins, at least to ourselves and to God. He will show us mercy for what we have done and make us learn a valuable lesson. God does not intend for us to sulk on our guilt. God loves us so much that He forgives no matter how big or small our sins are, if only we ask.Then He will give us the courage and strength to say sorry sincerely to the person concerned, and also forgive ourselves.

For this, let us pray. May we allow God to mold us until we are made perfect in His eyes. May we learn from our past faults and experiences. May we learn to repent, and trust that God forgives. May we believe that God means for us to be better than we were before. May we also build a closer relationship with His son, Jesus Christ, so our choices, words and actions are always guided. Pray always.

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