Friday, March 20, 2009

Daily Digest #247

Thomas answered and said to Him, “My Lord and my God!” —John 20:28

We often struggle with faith when faced with uncertainty, usually aided by impatience, or failure, or some scientific notion that does not adhere to God's miracles. Let us ask ourselves: do I believe in miracles? God's truth teaches us that every moment is a miracle. It's not just those times when we witness something extraordinary -- like seeing a lame person walk, or a blind man see, or finding a cancer patient without a trace of the disease -- but in every waking moment when there are many possibilities that we might not see another day again. Most of the people who realize this truth are either old or sick. Do we really need to reach a certain age or catch a certain ailment to see the blessing of time given to us?
We are surrounded by God's miracles -- the sky, water, the air around us, and technology which is simply a product of the knowledge that has been entrusted to us. May we open our eyes and see how fortunate we are to spend another day to enjoy God's grace and love. May we count our blessings instead of our misfortunes. Enjoy the rest of the day. Pray always.

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