Thursday, July 30, 2009

Daily Digest #317

The glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. —Isaiah 40:5

Sometimes the more we plan and struggle to achieve "success" in our lives, the more messed up we become. In my weekend class, we discussed about the meaning of success. Some said it's being at the top of one's career. Some said, it's when a life-long dream is achieved, like having one's own family, finding the love of one's life, or having kids. Some said it's a day-to-day thing which, at the end of the day, gives him peace of mind.

I agree with the day-to-day meaning of success. Every day has its moment of failure and victory. It all matters on the choices we make. We get into different situations and we encounter different people, whether we like it or not. Our path is clouded by uncertainty, and our character is tested. How do we react to the slightest nuisance? How do we treat others? Do we show kindness and love and mercy? Do we work honestly and effectively? Do we pray for others more than we pray for ourselves?

When we are guided by God's Word and wisdom, we will make sound decisions that lead us where He wants us to go, which is always the best way. We may argue that our way is better, but we're just wasting our time and energy. For someone who has gone through loops like me, I know that I am always drawn back to Him -- if I have the will to lay down my pride, surrender myself to Him and follow His voice.

Most of us do not realize that the answers to all our life's questions are revealed in the Bible. God is urging us to know Him to be able to truly love Him. For this, let us pray. Lord, thank You for your Word. Thank You for your love and for your patience in us. Thank You for making us a part of Your family, and for giving us hope that one day, we will become like Your son, Jesus Christ. Lord, please bless our Bible-reading and prayer times. Please guide our thoughts as we begin to have more doubts and questions about life. We ask for strength to fight evil everyday. Please protect us from all harm. We pray for our brothers and sisters, especially those who are struggling to renew their faith, the misguided, and the lonely. May we find success in You. Amen.

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