Friday, July 25, 2008

Daily Digest #105

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. —Isaiah 30:15

For me, confidence is a God-given character trait that is aided by faith, courage, strength and wisdom. Nothing gives more pleasure than to be able to stand up on one's own feet and take whatever challenge there is. But sometimes, when we think we have gained power over something, we tend to become overconfident, which opposes the intension of being faithful, courageous, strong and wise at heart. Our hearts are replaced by a selfish one, and we tend to yearn for more control. We start having things our own way that we neglect God's power over us. But God gives us time to learn, until we realize how boastful we've been. Most times we cross the line, and we are put to shame. But Moses' story teaches us something very important. He learned to repent and submit to God, in spite of what he had done. He allowed God to use Him to show God's power over him. He has learned his lesson on meekness that he had become one of the greatest rulers ever lived.

For this, may we always remember that with God, we are always on the right path. If we put God away from our decisions, we will surely go astray. May we all learn to draw strength from Him, and recognize and acknowledge such blessing, not claim it as our own. May we develop a humble servant's heart. Pray always.

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