Friday, August 01, 2008

Daily Digest #110

Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts. —Hebrews 4:7

Honestly, I'm not ready. And should He come and get me soon, I really, really hope my heart is completely cleansed, every single sin repented. But what strikes me more from the verse is how God calls us every day. Lately, I've been ignoring A LOT of his calls, and it has brought me nothing but anxiety and bitterness. I've never seen another person so ugly -- and that IS a very bad sign. God has told us over and over how we should look at the good in others, and stop judging for each other's differences. He has just made me realize how much bigger the world is, and how greater others' problems/issues are compared to my own. He has made me look back at the moments when I reached out, especially to those in dire need, and it gave me much joy and content -- which was just what i needed.

I guess being ready is a matter of one's own purity and faith. God knows all things, and He will be the judge of every single soul. For this, let us pray. May we ask God to cleanse our hearts and strengthen our faith. When weakness overcomes us, may our prayers never cease, until our weakness becomes His strength. Pray always.

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