Friday, August 01, 2008

Daily Digest #111

The wind blows where it wishes . . . . So is everyone who is born of the Spirit. —John 3:8

We often take credit for all our good works, or for wisdom, when in fact it is all the work of the Holy Spirit living inside us. Our bodies are mere vessels, used as instruments of God, so we may spread the Good News through words and actions. The Holy Spirit is the One who gives us the nudge when we feel guilty about something, or when we believe we ought to take initiative. The Holy Spirit opens our hearts to wisdom -- see what others do not see, and hear what they do not hear. The Holy Spirit is a gift from God, connecting each of us to Him, urging us to pray, and renew ourselves until we are like God's son, Jesus Christ. It is indeed the Christian's source of power.

For me, to recognize the works of the Holy Spirit in our lives is one of the first major steps in walking by faith. It humbles us, making us realize that mere human efforts are simply not enough. For this, let us pray. May we awaken the Holy Spirit living inside us, praying constantly and listening to what It has to say. May we develop a more prayerful lifestyle -- giving thanks to every blessing, praising and worshiping God, repenting for our sins, and asking Him to bless our neighbors. Pray always.

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