Sunday, May 10, 2009

Daily Digest #281

When the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son. —Galatians 4:4

"There's a time for everything" (Ecclesiastes 3) is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. When I look back, things always make more sense to me, when back then I had no idea where I was being led. If I decided to stay home after graduation, I wouldn't have discovered my passion for kids and teaching. I wouldn't have extended my network of friends to Thailand. I wouldn't have developed an interest in different cultures. I wouldn't have witnessed unimaginable opportunities open right in front of me. I wouldn't have developed a habit of praying and reading the Bible. I wouldn't have been many things. And the journey goes on, and the destination of every turn is still unknown. It scares and excites me all at the same time.

When I was taking my 2-week holiday in Bicol, I had the privilege of hearing my parents' story on how they started with our family and how they managed to keep their marriage after 34 years. They had gone through a lot, and every decision they made went hand-in-hand with different consequences. All they could hold on to was their commitment to each other and our family. They went with the flow, learned from their mistakes, grew from the lessons, and kept the family intact. If it weren't for the ultimate decision to be with each other, our family wouldn't exist. And I wouldn't be here right now, sharing my reflections to you! :D How amazing has one simple decision taken us! And all because it was written in God's master plan.

For this, let us pray. May we learn to trust God's plans for us. May we consult Him in every decision we make and pray that He guides our every step. May we believe that there truly is a time for everything, and that everything always works out for the best in the end. May we also thank Him for leading us where we are now, and for allowing us to become who we really are. Pray always.

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