Sunday, May 10, 2009

Daily Digest #283

Now I know that there is no God in all the earth, except in Israel. —2 Kings 5:15

We're all familiar with the term "blessing in disguise". There was once a story about a pianist who had her contract terminated at a 5-star hotel only to find herself in a much better job as a flight attendant at a world-class airline company. Before she realized her blessings, she was worried about her the fate of her career. She focused on the things that she was about to lose and it deeply saddened her. She found it so difficult to let go of all the things she was used of having. Eventually, she learned to let go of her comfort zone, and went on to an unfamiliar place, only armored with faith and hope to get a more stable job. What she didn't realize was that her journey would not only have her dream job granted, but would soon bring her face to face with the man she's supposed to marry :D And it all came clear to her, when she finally got engaged.

Wonderful story huh? It's real :D Well, for those of you who know me well, you know who I'm speaking of hehehe. And it's been a blessing for me also to have witnessed these surprises unravel, and mysteries unfold. It has inspired me to have faith and trust in the Lord, and believe that He is truly leading us to where we're supposed to be. It makes me trust His will and time more. I can only pray that my impatience does not lead me to making bad choices, only because I was unwilling to endure or wait some more.

For this, join me in prayer. May God bless us with hope, patience and wisdom. May we gain a positive outlook in every bad thing that is happening to and around us. May we learn to trust His ways and time, and do our utmost for the time that has been given to us. May we learn to put Love above all else. Pray always.

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